Going 82-0 In Battlefield 3 Is No Joke (Even If You Are In A Jet The Whole Time)

As a complete and utter Battlefield noob, I'm not even sure exactly how incredible this video is, but the folks sending it in my direction seemed impressed. As was Kotaku tech wizard Ben White, who practically plays Battlefield 3 exclusively to the detriment of all other games these days. This guys hops in a Jet and goes 82-0 over the course of 20 minutes. That's a pretty awesome kill/death ratio. Even I can understand that!

Some pretty slick flying.

Thanks Warcroft!


    It is impressive that he stayed alive so long, but thats one of the main reasons i dont like BF3, no one goes support classes, and basically if you can fly the choppers or the planes its your playground.

      I'm with you on this. In fact, I'm not a fan of multiplayer shooters with vehicles in general.

        You just need to learn to fly/drive them. That being said I have basically no flying time in BF3, plenty of tank kills though. Nothing more satisfying than taking out that annoying jet or helicopter, especially with a tank.

          That's really the wrong attitude. If you're making a game where there's 20 people playing but 14 of them are just fodder for whoever is in the jets/choppers/tanks, you are making a game that only 30% of people are able to enjoy.

            Have you played BF3?
            At no time while playing infantry do I feel like I'm just there as "fodder? Unless your a sniper who camps the top of the same mountain or just like to stand in the open, vehicles are quite easy to evade and even take down. Yes a awesome player in a jet can own the battlefield if there's no other good pilots to keep him/her in check, but that's the same with any multiplayer game. There's always going to be players who have the skill/time to be much better than most other people.
            And if being killed by vehicles really upsets sets you that much there's plenty of game modes and servers that are infantry only.

              If all that is true, why when Mark indicated he was not fond of multiplayer games with vehicles, did you respond: "You just need to learn to fly/drive them."?

              Either the game is great for everyone or it's only good for the people who are in the vehicles. Please decide.

                So you haven't played it then? Or was it too hard for you?

                I also mentioned I have next to no game time in air vehicles, but still enjoy the game, you chose to ignore that.
                So what your saying is if vehicles are either:
                a)hard to pilot
                b)deadly to other players
                the game can't be fun? The amount of servers and players suggest otherwise to me.

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                  Now you've got me sounding like a fan boy, but I'm lucky if I've played 10 hours in the last 3 months.
                  I just hate people righting a game off (especially a multiplayer one where it takes some time to become good) without giving time to learn it.
                  People seem to say games are too easy these days, but also don't like the ones which take skill or time to learn. Their really going to hate Hawken.

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                  Whether you use the tank or a jet is irrelevant to me.

                  You opened this discussion chain by asserting that Mark should learn to use the vehicles if he doesn't like them, seemingly asserting that he would like the game more if he could use them better, which suggests the game is really only fun if you get to use vehicles.

                  You then seemingly recant this, asserting the game is fun for all. I only asked for clarification, at which you went on a tirade calling into question my abilities as a player, my familiarity with the game.

                  What I play or what I don't play isn't the question here. It's the inconsistency in your remarks.

                  For the record, I did play BF3 and I didn't enjoy it. I was effective enough, but there was nothing there to keep me coming back once I had unlocked a few interesting weapons. I think the game both peaked and nadired for me when I had a long run of kills as the gunner in a helicopter, utterly destroying the enemy team and not enabling them to make any headway.

                  My high k/d came at the detriment to everyone else in the game. I think that BF3 may have in fact put me off multiplayer gaming for good. I found no joy in Modern Warfare 3 anymore. I can't bring myself to enjoy Halo 4. I never feel like I'm winning even when we are. I never feel like I'm doing well even when my k/d is positive.

                  If only player count was the sole benchmark for rating the quality and enjoyment of a game. I'm sure given your logic you'd be prepared to concede that Modern Warfare 3 was at least 4 times better than BF3, for FPS games released in November 2011?

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                One man's opinion (no matter how cool he is =P) does not make it the status quo... and your response is rather facetious. Learning to "fly/drive" a vehicle is the same as learning to use a sniper rifle, a Warthoh Halo, MG nest, etc. It's all part of the game experience whether you choose to incest on being all rounder or infantry/vehicle expert is up to you.

                Honestly at this point your just trolling and unfortunately Trex is falling for it xD

                  Honestly need and edit button or a login...

                  i meant insist not incest >.

                  I'm hardly trolling, I'm pursuing a genuine line of inquiry based on inconsistencies in to diametrically opposed viewpoints shared by trex within half an hour of each other.

                  More and more these days people assuming I am trolling, when all I am trying to do is have a discussion that doesn't result in people making personal attacks. Yet I'm the troll because I had the audacity to put forward an argument that people have difficulty contending with?

              playing BFBC2 i never felt like fodder, but in BF3 thats all i am, if i dont get destroyed by a dude in a chopper/tank/plane its by some dude sitting on a mountan top 100 miles away... and yes it probably is im not very good at the game, but thats because i cant play it enough without raging at the vehicles.

              I have played the close quarters maps, and find i enjoy them more... but they still feel off... not sure what it is, might be i havent unlocked/found the right weapon set for me (which is my other irk with the game, having to play a class till u unlock the good weapons)

                I think its more a matter of team balance. If both teams have a jet ace each i think you will find its a lot more balanced. Id also like to add, that if you are out in the open you are just asking to jet strafed by a jet. I spend some time in vehicles, but most of my time as infantry


                If aircraft are annoying me, I usually bust out a stinger/igla usually does the trick.

                Sounds like cod would suit your playstyle better, I know that out of playing both I get frustrated with people straight off jumping into the first tank/jet they see and letting no one else get in on the fun while the rest of the team slowly walks across the massive map just to get sniped, cod I can give precice directions quickly to my team mates and before we know it we have got a good surrounding on them and our enemys are rage quitting from being spawned into hellstom missles. But in all honesty you need yourself to be a decent aim +1-2 others in order to do it.

              Ehh the aircraft are a little op in BF3, just too difficult for dudes on the ground to deal with.
              Sure that may be realistic or something but not balanced gameplay.

                The trick with most of BF series is to remember it's much more about teamwork than most FPS games. Support + engo + recon = lockable launcher, unlimited ammo and soflam laser guiding. Primo vehicle hunting team, and able to fire from complete cover behind mountains. The paper, scissors, rock approach should happen - if one part of the battlefield is too dominant, people should be switching to the class/loadout that is most helpful.

            Battlefield is vehicle based, meaning its designed for vehicle combat, as in, if you're not in a vehicle, you're doing it wrong!

              In which case, it's a game for about 30% of it's population, and everyone else is cannon fodder. Yeah, that's a well made game. -_-

            The players who aren't in the choppers/jets/tanks have ways to counter those who are in the said vehicles. It's not really a bad attitude towards playing the game, his just using a option that was included in the game by the developer. Everyone's even meat in the game and you have to make the best of what you've got whether in a jet, jeep or on foot.

        I feel like only Halo does vehicles right. Well, Halo 3 did. They're made from tissue paper in Reach and there's too many power weapons to compensate for the tougher vehicles in Halo 4.

          BF3 was very easy to keep arial attacks off you. many toys to keep you safe, bfbc2... that was another story.. very limited ways and difficult on any open map

            I'm sure there are many ways to keep aircraft off you when you're ranked up enough. Enduring early levels where you only have a non-locking launcher is a bit of a chore. Then when you do finally have a locking launcher, you have to content with the fact that the guy in the jet probably has flares.

              Not really a chore in the early levels when you don't have AA launchers, because as engineer it makes you do thinks like assisting/repairing vehicles or using guerrilla tactics to get get points. Then as you unlocks better rocket launchers you can progress to AA positions, designate and destroy or using mines to your advantage.

              + AA missiles are like one of the first unlocks for the engineer class.

              So yeah the leveling systems attempts to force the player to try all faucets of game style.

                AAs are nice VS copters. Kind of useless against Jets and people who know how to fly them.

              @Matthew K - That is why you make them use the flares. If you lock them, but wait - they will fire a flare and then you can often lock and fire before the flare reloads.

                You do know that they can just outrange you right? Not to mention.... only the noobs fall for that sort of trick -

              The whole argument about air vehicles being OP'd is ridiculous, I've been playing B3 since release and I've racked up a handsome 80 hours total fly time and I'm a pretty damn good pilot. Despite the fact that I have all this time spent in choppers and jets I still find it really easy to get shot down once I aggravate the enemy team to a certain point. Rarely in a match do I get a good air kill streak going and not end up being shot down by some random smurf lobbing stinger after stinger. Stingers are also impossible to evade, (if you're and aggressive pilot like the guy in the video), since the most recent patches when they received a massive buff and can lock and below radar and up to around 500 distance.

            I found it easier in BC2 because you could fire a tracer dart and hit the helis.

          I didn't find the vehicles in Reach to be lame. It's only when people use the DMR that it becomes a problem. Simple solution would be to take away DMR loadouts, or fix the DMR to a specific loadout.

          In Halo 4 though, you constantly take PP shots from the enemy, AND your teammates.

        Yeah, I generally prefer infantry combat, and most of the time if you don't use vehicles in BF3, you're at a distinct disadvantage. Sure, jeeps and planes and tanks are great for messing around, and this was especially true in BF 1942, but when I want to play seriously I just don't enjoy vehicles.

        You just need to learn to play as a team. I hardly ever go in the jets or choppers but am always killing them. Tanks and Mobile AA work great. 2 people with SOFLAMs and tanks/tank killers with guided shells.

      Just need to play something like planetside 2 which is far more objective based than kill based. Your team does not win by you killing someone except the delay in them getting out again before the base/objective caps, the most important of which are covered and in the sky, so vehicles can't help at all.

        yeah planetside 2 would be more my style, i used to top most public games i was in for COD4 for TDM but i find these days i spend more time doing the objectives game types, and as much as the host system for BO2 annoys me, i find the points for objectives are better... not perfect but better. you can actually get top score without being highest kills.

        The more I play PS2 the more I like it. some of the battles are truely awe-inspireing, convoys on dozens of tanks, rolling into a base, people deep striking in and the never ending battle in the sky. The latest patch has done alot to even out the dominance of flyers and rocket pods too.

        In regards to what you said abot kills not being important though, they are very important, however alot of times people stay back picking of enemies endlessly instead of rushing the defences and you end up with situations like the crown where no-one can gain ground due to endless respawning. I'd like to see them place more of a negtive on teritories that are cut off from supply lines (eg doubled respawn times, or limited access to vehicles).

    What do you mean "Support Classes"

      No AA, no spotters, no one botthers to res you or give you ammo/health unless yoru standing on top of them.
      Most games i've played no one even tries to take out the choppers/jets, i spend most my time looking up with a stinger or setting up one of those spotter things the snipers have for vehicles.

      Thats just my exp, its fine if you enjoy the game but i find its not for me.

        Yeah, Fair enough i agree there are no proper squad based tactics or any structure in the conquest or rush its turned into a cod free for all, i still remember battlefield 2 that was some good times

        You should try joining a clan or playing with a group of friends that have mics, then you can try and organise things better and even if you get your asses kicked with the right group of people it can still be heaps of fun just talking complete nonsense and goofing around.

          yeah i usually would, Thats how i played BFBC2 , but the only mates i have that play BF3 hit it hard at release then stopped.
          and my clan is all about the COD/LoL Not so much BF3.

    Ya as impressive as it is, a lot of those targets were pretty stationary, and there was virtually no AA. Which is pretty much a good deal of BF3 matches these days.

    Its easier to do in pc that in xbox 360 or ps3

    No one gives a f*ck about a plane in a 64 player match, so he has more space and more time to kill peopler.

    In consoles, air vehicles are top priority and the first ones to go down as the ratio for air vehicles/players is higher in pc compared to the same ratio but in consoles

    i hate the jets in BF3. to easy to dominate the enemy and so hard to shoot down. they should of made maps for air combat only and kept them out of tank maps.

    I seem to be shot down in no time at all when I manage to get into aircraft lol

    Been playing BF3 for a few days now and the number one pet peeve I have is that the more XP you get, the easier it is to kill noobs like myself.. When I do make kills it's usually some other person near to my level unless I have a stroke of luck.. sure there is skill involved, I have found myself going from absolutely terrible to being able to actually see those little black dots move out of the corner of my eye and have a chance in just a few short days.. but the fact that you unlock more and more powerful equipment kind of lends to it making the game harder and harder to get into as a new player. I'm persevering though and really enjoying the game for the most part however when you see a Rank 100 veteran with 400+ gameplay hours in an Apache making kill after kill after kill.. it kinda gets boring... and I can't really say that 82-0 is that big of a deal for someone like that.. more like a "day in the life" event.. not to say they didn't earn their stripes through skill and determination.. just that at that level of play, it's "normal" for them.

      Have you considered that you ranking up in game is also followed by a skill increase on your personal behalf?

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      I found that with BF3 the best way to get better is to understand the game mechanics and what all the attachments do.

      The M16 you start with as the medic is easily one of the most powerful weapons in the game if not the best, I have unlocked all the guns for every class and I still stick with the M16. One of the main things that helped me go from average to good is to not be afraid of hip firing.

      These days when I play I never feel disadvantaged being infantry, If I know the map is going to be vehicle heavy I play Support so I have C4.

      I admit I hated all the Armored Kill maps simply because there was so many tanks you wouldn't really see any infantry.

      Don't know what level you are these days, but as a noob who started late I found playing 64 player Metro as medic gets you leveled up pretty damn quick for that class.
      I'd imagine engineer and support classes would level up and unlock stuff pretty quick from spamming explosives and spray and pray tactics. Plus the old bonus points for feeding team mates ammo and that, or even playing long enough that you become squad leader and have team mates spawn on you, there's plenty of ways to get XP for just doing the basics.
      Recon tends to suck at first as it takes a while to get used to sniping, plus the fact that it can take quite a few shots to kill at long range with the starting rifles, while trying not to get instant killed by other recons. Spotting tends to be a good tactic for recon, play some wide open maps and defend a point, you'll get points for some easy kills defending flags or what ever and spot the crap out of everything. Plus spotting helps your team mates as well, so good team work there.

      Otherwise, it's a pain to get through the first few levels. You can spend all day shooting a guy and not kill him while he turns around and pops one shot to kill. It's all about perseverance through the break in period.

      Personally, wide open maps with vehicles, I still suck at vehicles so other than the occasional AA I spend a lot of time reconning, purely spotting and very occasionally (I've gotten reasonably good at judging distances) picking off an enemy sniper. I guess I do get a lot of enjoyment out of playing recon, that is to say spotting mostly, and counter-sniping. I'm quite happy finishing a 30 min game with 5 kills 0 deaths type deal as long as I contribute in my own way. For me it's all about teamwork and the quality of the kills, not so much run and gun.

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    Lol @ all these noobs crying. "Baaawwww, better people kill me! That's unfair!"

      Which noobs are bawling? I don't see any here.. like myself.. I acknowledge I have a long way to go and I am a total noob at this game but I am TOTALLY enjoying the challenge.. it's what keeps me going and playing hour after hour. If this game was too easy, I'd have stopped playing after the first day. The sense of accomplishment I have been feeling as I get better and better, is really awesome! :)

      When I first started playing I felt totally useless.. and I was! I couldn't see what people were shooting at and I died.. A LOT!! :) haha! Then I started to spawn with squad mates and follow them around, supporting them.. learning from them.. and it's really changed the way I play the game.

      At the end of the day though, these 82-0's are veterans with hundreds of hours of gameplay under their belt and it shows in their ability to do stuff like that.

        At the end of the day I think that's most poeples issue with BF3. They try to play it like COD. If you watch, follow and learn you'll soon learn the ropes and that its a much more engaging experience.

        And if you really don't like vehicles give Scavenger mode a try, no vehicles what so ever.

        Oh by the way, I watched this video and admired his skill, not hated him and the game for it.

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          Yup.. I love scavenger mode.. the first time I played it.. I was like, "Why can't I start with a primary weapon??" then I realised that's the whole point of the mode :) The other one I really liked was the "Squad Rush" mode, which for all intents and purposes is counter strike mode really.. but it felt a lot better than CS:GO does, which I have barely touched.

          The only mode I really dislike is the one that has one team start with all the flags and no home base.. I forget the official name for that mode.. but it becomes very boring, very quickly regardless of the side you are on, of which I have played both sides..

    I play BF3 alot, I actually run a clan with 2 mates and we came 2nd in an australian national conquest competition so I think its safe to say we're fair veterans of the game.

    I'll say this, this guys accuracy with the jet is incredible, he is seriously good. Fortunately for him his team is spotting up alot and a couple of "would be" crashes he somehow got out of without blowing up. still, he is bloody good.

      Yeah I also noticed there's so many spotted people.

    400hrs of game time? Makes me wonder why people don't do something more productive with that much time. Congrads on becoming so skillful, but jeez.

      Could have gotten his actual pilots licence with that much flight time.

      I dislike arguments like this. What else should he do? the game has been out over a year, so it's not like this is a full time job. A couple of hours a day, which is a decent amount of time to sink into a hobby. It's not like he'd have gone out and cured cancer if he wasn't busy playing video games, so what exactly are people supposed to be doing that's so "productive" by comparison.

      When my wife's aunt calls and asks what she's up to and she's busy beating people to death with dildo bats in Saints Row or skinning animals in Far Cry, she'll say "oh, just playing a game". And I imagine her aunt, sitting with her feet up, swirling a glass of merlot and visibly smug as she scoffs "oh, that sounds productive".
      Meanwhile in front of her is a 60 inch plasma screen playing the third movie of the evening.

        It seems like a lot of people on this site only judge if you play the same game. If you play 10 hours a week of different games they dont bat an eyelid, If you play one game they are like Ugh, go outside you should be working all the time doing something productive.

    How about private servers with "No Iglas or Stingers, Instant Kick/Ban".... that's a sure bet there's gonna be some Bruce Lee mofo in a chopper or jet. That cracks me up every time.

    Aircraft are OP in BF3, A Jet will always dominate over a helo too, they just have so much more versatility. A Helo will always out do a Tank, its just the way it is. Sure you'll get that 1 in 100 shot off with a tank and get a direct hit on a Jet or Helo but its sure as shit a fluke everytime.

    In reference to your comment on Quote: "unlock more and more powerful equipment kind of lends to it making the game harder and harder to get into as a new player" Light487, it doesn't really sorta work that way, sure you may like a weapon that is the second or last unlock for that class, but it's more to do with getting used to how the game feels, what works and doesn't work for your gamestyle, how comfortable you are, and game settings. Starting weapons for all four classes are widely used and hold there own against all other weaponery, its really just a personal preference. I'm not having a dig at you as i can understand that it does feel that way when you start.

    It is a team game and we're talking about playing on pub servers here (assuming). The game is great for everyone as long as both sides have players that can check one another, which is next to impossible to achieve on a pub server, play a private match/comps/scrimm its a completely different story. When i used to run a clan, we had designated pilots, tankers, medics, support so on and so forth and they all assumed their role and counted the opposition accordingly. the Jets took on Jets and Choppers, the Chopper took on the Tanks, the Tanks took on the tanks and the Inf took on the inf. If and only if the Jet/chooper had succeded in their goals/tasks would they then proceed on strafing runs and support the inf directly. It is always more frustrating on pub servers cause 9 times out of 10 there's always going to be a stronger side. When you get an even match its fantastic and can really produce some great gameplay

      Yup.. after a couple of days, I really started to appreciate the team play in this game.. following the vet's around like a lost puppy is what I do now.. and while I may get more assisted kills than actual one on one kills, I still feel like I am accomplishing things and learning the tricks of the game. Another thing also is that while the "jocks" are up there flying around.. us grunts are down here capping flags.. :) Still feels like I am doing something :)

      Oh and yeah.. those close matches are great.. we were down to around 8 tickets vs 7 tickets on one game over the weekend.. really satisfying to see things that close :)

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    Was anyone else reading the chat in the video? Pretty funny.

    I find air in BF3 is generally fine, however when they are in the hands of a very good player, they are completely over powered. As silly as that sounds, it's true. For the average and even above average playing they are fine. However when people are good, really good. They're impossible. It's still a small minority. But a skilled jet pilot can rape all other air in a map. A good heli pilot can completely rape people on the ground. Always get away from locked on rockets and just devastate and area. Jet pilots that can seemingly automatically get behind an attacking jet and destroy with the first burst of the gun.

    I assume those that use joysticks have this big advantage.

    I don't think the game was balanced against the level of skill some people now have in these vehicles. I think they reduced the range of thew stinger early on because it was too over powered. Now it's too under powered as people have gotten better. Now you need multiple people locking on with the stinger at once in many cases. Or else they fly away, flare. Let them reload before coming back to range. Repeat and nothing done.
    It's a problem that I am not sure the answer.

    My main pet peeve with air players is that often the skilled ones are just arseholes. Who base rape ect. They can avoid all the ground defenses, and then prevent any air ones from getting off the ground. Also air players who are more concerned about killing other pilots taking off than the objectives, helping out a team.

    Often you just get air people having a circle jerk above the map not really taking place in the battle.

    Also as to the video. Non HC mode? Everyone spotted? Impressive flying but it is on easy mode.

    I live for knocking guys like this out of the sky. Either from the ground or from the air. Though from the ground is always more fun. We usually run a squad of 4 with 2 engineers, a support and an assault. This gives us all the stuff we need to go vehicle huntings - it only gets better when someone on our team also drops a SOFLAM down marking those nice targets for us.

    Actually yes, you never know whether or not he might have cured cancer. If you really don't know what's more productive than blowing 400hrs+ on a video game, then I guess you're living proof that a person could benefit from doing something more productive.

    Maybe increase your comprehension and overall knowledge of real life? Hey, I'm just taking the piss anyway - that's why I said congrads in my last post. Dont get so defensive.

      Yeah. You know what's more productive than playing any amount of video games? NOT playing video games.

      So we should all stop doing that. And just do productive things. I could start working 12 hour days!

        LOL, you're quite funny Mathew K, I already DO work 12 hour days more than, in most cases and still have managed to rack up quite a few hundred hours on BF3 :p

          Oooops, forgot to mention the serveral hundred hours of BFBC2, another couple of hundred hours in GW2,, ROFLost count on Arma2...meh i'm bored now.......

          Well it's zombieface who thinks you aren't being productive enough, not me. My post was sarcasm.

            hehe I'm on your side! the way i wrote it made it sound otherwise my apologies good Sir! Maybe i did stay up a little to late last night playing BF3 :p Maybe he needs to define what is being productive? I work full time, have a steady releationship, own my own house, play sport twice a week and work out 4 times a week. Not to mention i'm an army reservist. Productive? blood oath, time management? spot on :) and i didn't come from money so i had to work my arse off to get to where i am now. So chuck the gaming hours as above into the mix and i'm one happy son of a gun :)

    Battlefields are supposed to be dominated by armour and mobile armour wins matches in BF3.

    Jets & Choppers can take time to learn but are the most rewarding once done well. You can still be a great team player in BF3 without being a pro-tank driver though. Just need to learn how to play your role.

    Very impressive but I looked up kaken1ja up on battlelog and he's a level 100 "no-life" colonel with 829 hours in the game racked up and he's overall kill/death ratio is a much more sedate 4.08 and he's a rage quitter with a quit stat of 22%.
    And besides everyone knows people on pc can cheat.

    I'm still fairly new to BF3 in general, but since it was free I tried it. After a lot of researching in to flying jets, reading forums and watching video tutorials, I gotta say its helped a lot but I still have trouble aiming. Helicopters are my bane, but I'm learning.

    And don't get me started on Jet Ballet. I'll be glad to have ECM jammer so I don't get hit by all the heat seeking missiles fired simultaneously at me.

    With that said, it's great fun. Very challenging and I appreciate when people at it the way it's meant to be played. When I'm 43 and 19 k/d and barely keeping my entire team afloat and get kicked for killing the admins entire squad. Twice. Something is wr

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