Gorgeous Games Of 2012: Assassin’s Creed III

Gorgeous Games Of 2012: Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed III was one of 2012’s most divisive games, but can we agree to enjoy a forest vista for a second?

Look at that bird. Look at all those trees to climb. And, best of all… there’s no one to chase.

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  • Far Cry 3 deserves a mention, too. The scenery, especially whilst perched atop a mountain or cruising around on a hang-glider, was breathtaking (for a game, that is).

    • I totally agree. I played the 360 version and it was a disappointment compared to colours of Renaissance Italy. Also, just look at the GIF in the main article – the whole game was foggy ALL THE TIME. Even in the towns, everything was dusty and/or foggy and the visibility depth was very short. I got tired of not being able to see into the distance.

  • Contrary to the inevitable 10 minute crash I suffer playing Far Cry 3, ACIII runs beautifully on my pc. I am overall very impressed having finished the main plot line. The forested areas are magnificent but for me I reveled in the naval missions and the brilliant detail. Not to mention it was something new.

    I did a stupid thing and went and bought Far Cry 3 for xbox just to play the game. Even on the lowest possible settings and even for that 10 minutes the consoles simply don’t even begin to compare to pc. Not even close. But I guess we already know that and at least I’m playing the damn thing.

    My system is (theoretically) able to run Far Cry 3 at max. Witnessing that for 10 minutes at a time only makes the xbox build leave a sour taste in my mouth.

    It’s hard to accept how smoothly ACIII runs almost maxed out when Far Cry 3 is pretty much unplayable. But it certainly is a looker.

    • Try the latest Nvidia beta drivers (if you’re using a Nvidia GPU, obviously). Otherwise, update Catalyst. That might stop the crashing.

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