Gorgeous Games Of 2012: Far Cry 3

Gorgeous Games Of 2012: Far Cry 3

Everyone loves a tropical island. Rolling green hills, crimson sunsets, crashing blue waves; when we think “paradise”, we think of the tropics. With its finely tuned engine and sprawling island setting, Far Cry 3 was easily one of the most gorgeous video games of the year. The drug sequences were awfully pretty too.

Of course, nothing spices up a gorgeous location like some extreme violence. And Far Cry 3 had plenty of that too. This cinemagraph by Chris Person lets us relive one the Rook Islands’ often striking night-time vistas. Take a deep breath, and you can almost smell the ocean air. And the blood, and the gunpowder.


  • I really wish these were desktop sized. They’d be good backgrounds.
    (yes I’ve clicked for the full size, but it is still significantly too small for my desktop resolution of 1680×1050)

  • I don’t really get what everyone’s talking about with Far Cry 3. On Xbox 360 it didn’t ever make me stop and go “…Jesus.” like even the immensely disappointing Halo 4 did. I respected the level of detail it had for an open world game, but it never truly blew me away. In fact the whole time I was just thinking “They really should have waited for the next generation to do this, these consoles are holding it back.”

    Based on ultra PC videos on Youtube as well, it doesn’t seem like a whole lot changes between console and PC.

    • To be honest, nothing on the 360 is going to graphically make you stop and go “…Jesus”.
      Saying there is not alot of difference between that and PC, well, that is just ignorant.

      • I understand your need to justify your purchase, but seriously, if you’re watching videos like this and saying that the PC version is notably better in any serious way, you’re imagining things.


        There’s plenty on both Xbox and PS3 that makes you go wow, just like there is for PC. Far Cry just isn’t really one of them for me.

        • Sure hope you watched that on 1080p. I can see the difference in the first 5 seconds, and it gets more apparent when shadows and lighting effects are more pronounced.
          This video does NOT do a good job at showing how much more smoothly Far Cry 3 runs on the PC than the Xbox 360 because YouTube compresses all videos to 30fps.
          Perhaps you are the one imagining things after all.

    • wow… you have to be kidding… i’ve seen footage of the 360 version and it looks and runs like crap… cranking it up at 2560×1440 on ultra on my pc it looks amazing… even at 1920×1080 on high it looks stunning on my htpc… this game is beautiful

  • I played FC3 maxed out on Ultra on PC. It’s nice but it’s not great.

    I think it’s more to do with a tropical island setting looks inherently pretty and they do capture that look. Although the second island looks no where near as good as the first. I assume they were going for a different look, but it looks like it’s from an older less advanced game.

    For me considering what Crysis did so many years ago, this does seem out of date. Sure the way things are rendered now, there’s better AA for a smoother look ect. However it’s just no where near as realized an environment as something like Crysis. The water is pathetic, the lack of destruction, physics and so forth. I see something like this and think Crysis. The games never do what that game did. I don’t think that at all comes down to the fact this is an open world game. A lot of it looks good and maybe comparable in screenshots, but they’re worlds apart. It just can look pretty but nothings all that great about the graphics and game engine.

    It also runs horrible for what it is. There’s plenty of more advanced games that run better on less than this.

    Hell that awesome Final Fantasy next gen tech demo was running at 60fps on a set up that’d run FC3 maxed at 55fps according to benchmarks.

    Probably the best looking games this past year would go to the BF3 Premium maps. They looked great!

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