Gorgeous Games Of 2012: Guild Wars 2

Gorgeous Games Of 2012: Guild Wars 2

When we started putting together a list of the best-looking games of 2012, Guild Wars 2 was an easy choice. The massive world of Tyria contains all manner of visual wonder, and every hilltop invites a pause for wide-eyed gazing. It’s a very good game too.

Chris put together this cinemagraph of my primary elementalist character, looking up at the windmill outside Divinity’s Reach. Yeah, man. I’ll be exploring this world well into 2013.


  • I’m trying my hardest not to buy this game. I still remember how much of my life was “stolen” by the last MMO I played.

    • I have been playing since launch and still love it! Because its free you can play at your own pace and not feel guilty when playing other games. Another way to stop the game stealing all your time is to solo. You will run into people all the time so it’s not lonely by any means, but you will still have the freedom to log out when it suits you.

      • Yeah I know its no subscription, but I also know how sucked in by that type of game I get. Maybe no subs will help a little.
        As for soloing, that’s how I played WoW. I find often the worst thing about MMO’s is the other players, either taking it too serious or greifing.

        Anyway I’ve spent the money I was going to spend on GW2 in the Steam and Green Man Gaming Xmas sales.
        Between Hitman, Sleeping Dogs, I am Alive, Unmechanical, Devil May Cry and some co-op Borderlands 2 I’m not sure I’ll have room for Guild Wars 2. So much for doing something besides gaming on my holidays. The worst thing is the sales are still only young 🙁

  • I keep reading how amazingly pretty GW2 is. Every time, I rub my eyes, take another look, and completely fail to see it. Nothing against the game itself, but I personally think the visual elements look a tad dated, if anything.

    Is it just a case of beauty being in the eye of the beholder, or are there a lot of people looking at this game through rose-coloured glasses? I honestly can’t decide which it is.

  • There is no doubt that the re-imagined world of Tyria is a visual feast. Headed by everyones favorite Hawaiian, Kekai Kotaki, the concept art team laid the foundations for one of the most densely imagined and varied virtual worlds ever made, it is a triumph.

    Having said that, almost none of the screenshots I have seen (including the one above) do this world justice, it is vast.

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