Gorgeous Games Of 2012: Need For Speed: Most Wanted

It's not easy to idle like this in Need for Speed: Most Wanted the excellent open-world racing game from EA's Criterion Games.

Even at high speeds — well, especially at high speeds — this game was great to look at. That earns Most Wanted a Cinemagraph (a subtly-animating-animated-GIF, if you don't know) for our Year in Beauty series.


    Not the best of pictures to show off the "gorgeous" game you have selected :) So much jagginess and pixelation etc in this shot.. looks seriously low res...

      That's because it's a .gif....

        Or rather - an animated .gif
        It's to keep the file size down, which is why pretty much all animated .gifs look similar to this.

          Edit buttons are for suckas!!!

      It is a gorgeous game. The detail on the cars, the world looks awesome. Even if it is a little too shiny for my liking at times.

    gotta love how the image area surrounding the animated part of the imagine "bounces" every 3 seconds or so. Too pro

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