Gorgeous Games Of 2012: Papo & Yo

Gorgeous Games Of 2012: Papo & Yo

We’ve gotten to this point where graphical fidelity can only take you so far: to make a visually memorable game, you have to have a imagination as well.

The Magical Realist favelas of Papo & Yo had that in spades.

Continuing in our series of cinemagraphs of some of 2012’s most gorgeous games is Papo & Yo: a little game who’s visual beauty is found not in big-budget effects, but in the subtlety of it’s expression.


  • I bought the game 2 days ago and played it through, was a good game.. better than I thought.
    The animation was pretty bad though, monster walking through walls and barriers, lots of frame rate issues… The graphics were the one thing I wasn’t impressed with. From a design point of view though it was very good.
    “Expression” is usually something shown through animation, and this games animation wasn’t great at all running up stairs just like running on a flat surface, jumping is pretty stiff, everything was a bit stiff. Maybe better in the cinematics if that’s what your talking about.
    But I’ve paid a lot more for a lot worse.

  • The most touching aspect of that game for me was not the graphics, but the footballs lying around that you could kick to Monster and he would throw them back. I cried like a little girl during that game.

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