Grand Thef Auto: Vice City Is Go On Mobile, And It's Glorious

I shouldn't have to tell any self — respecting gamer to go drop $5.49 on the tenth anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on iOS or Android (once it's live). For those that lack self-respect, go drop $5.49 on the 10th anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It's better than ever.

Along with the HD graphics and portability, the mobile version of the best game in Rockstar's beloved crime simulator series adds a number of enhancements to make the game worthy of another play-through. It's got enhanced targeting, complete with a tap-to-shoot option that makes shooting people fun. It's got a fully-customizable HUD, allowing players to move and resize interface elements and controls as they please. It's got a chase camera you can adjust by pinching and zooming, and a free-look camera that lets players experience the sights of Vice City from a fresh angle.

The Android version has full controller support. The iOS version supports cloud saves and custom soundtracks, in case you have absolutely no taste at all and don't like the game's '80s soundtrack.

It's everything Vice City on the PlayStation 2 was, only better. I am drowning in happy right now.


    Hating GTAIII touchscreen controls on my phone, would love to see these re-releases on Vita!

      Yep, I'm avoiding it on iPad for that exact reason. Maybe if the game supported Bluetooth control pads, but then it's a much bigger investment.

    Got it yesterday, loving it. Soundtrack is soooo awesome! "Oh no, she's having a Rap attack! Someone call an ambulance!"

    I don't understand how it's HD beyond the extra resolution. A low-poly model with low-res texture displaying on a high-res screen still looks low-res.

    Not so glorious on Android!
    There was some validation error in download and they've had to take it down from Google Play.
    Hope it comes back soon, I've got my phone rooted and my pS3 controller ready to go.

      You don't need to root your phone to use a ps3 controller or a 360 pad

    I was terrified that the RC copter mission would be unplayable on the touch screen, but I got past it easier than on PC and PS2! Extremely impressed, playing this on my iPhone 5. But yes, like everyone else, I long for a Vita port of all these great games...

    pfft any "self — respecting gamer" wouldnt use a mobile to game.

      Self-respecting gamers often play on multiple consoles.

      Also, I tried playing Vice City while standing on a packed bus but people kept asking me to move my monitor and tower off their laps.

      Selfish I know.

    "The Android version has full controller support"

    Can I edit the mapping now? GTA III was annoying because the controls were different to the ps2.

    If tap-to-shoot means touching anywhere on the screen and shooting at that spot, this is good, and perhaps one of the main reasons this was added is because of the shooting gallery mini game mission you can do later on, which needs to be completed with a high or full score (I forget) to get 100% game completion- someone at Rockstar had their thinking cap on, I thought this would be overlooked, so sizable props from me.

    Bring on the PSN re-release. I don't care if it's HD or not, I just want to play it all over again!

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