Grand Theft Auto IV Now Looks Even More 'Next Gen'

Thanks to a dedicated community, the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV has been continually polished and upgraded since its release all those years ago. To the point where, now, it looks like something from the future.

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The iCEnhancer series of mods, which we've featured before, are being updated to 2.5 (this is an alpha preview), and the results are amazing.

This looks as good as a quality first-person shooter. The fact that this kind of fidelity can be applied to an open world game the size of Liberty City is just mind-boggling.

iCEnhancer 2.5 Alpha — First preview [YouTube]


    The wet paved road at 3:10 looks amazing.

    Developers will never get to the level of awesome some modders get to. Creative freedom will always beat out big bucks any day

      Actually, it is time and money. This person spends all of his time just to mod the gfx, for over 4 years! You realise how costly and time consuming it would be to try something like this from get go. Plus, it only runs on highest of highest computer set ups.

      That's like saying Toyota will never get to the 'same level of awesome' as some guy who's spend 4 years in his garage making his particular old Corolla have 2000 horsepower.

      While I do get what you are saying, in this case its a graphics update to a four year old title. It should look better given the hardware available today is more powerful than what Rockstar had available. You can't overlook the fact that 99% of what is being shown in the video was developed by Rockstar, not the modders too.

      The modding community is a great thing, but it is in many ways very dependant on larger developers for tools and platforms to build on.

    Thats weird, ICELaGLacE the creator said that version 2.1 of the ICEnhancer mod were going to be the last as he was moving away from GTA IV and on to other games.

    This is true, it's quite amazing. Unfortunately, the cars aren't reflected at all even though they do have shadows, suspending all possible belief.

      I see reflections, you're just not paying attention.

        I didn't want to believe him either but look at 2.50 onwards, the black car has a shadow, but no reflection on the wet road? It's no deal breaker at all, this is *stunning* work. Best I've seen in god knows how long. But yeah, unusual they missed the reflection on the wet road.

    GTA IV is a bit liek Skyrim, pretty shit without mods (but then it's amazing).

    GTA4 is so horribly optimised for PC. Even if it looked better than reality, you still have to fork out as much as a small car for a rig to run it.

    Sure, the reflections are spot on, but what bothers me is the palette of solids colours makes everything look like plasticine.

    GTA has some awesome mods for a game that lately hasn't really been made for the PC, for example there is a still very popular mutliplayer mod for GTA SA, they has heaps of people running around roleplaying on the map, something it seems the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer might be setting out to acheive but with less roleplay.

    This is an example of ICEnhancer + more mods. Pure Awesomeness

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