Grand Theft Auto Vice City: 10th Anniversary Edition Screens Look Damn Good


    There is no debate, it's totally the best one :P

      Well here we go, I agree with you but..

      Imma let 'chu finish but San Andreas was one of the best videogames of all time!

    As long as it works on my phone I'll be happy, seeings as I bought GTAIII and the sound doesn't work.

      I had the same issue, apparently sometimes the download doesn't finish but the game loads anyways as if it's got all the files. I just kept deleting the data files and re-downloading it. Took a couple tries but eventually got the sound working. Hope that helps.

    I loved the game and especially the soundtrack being an 80's kid and all but never finished it unlike San Andreas, (soundtrack just as good being a 90's teenager) which in my mind is the best GTA.

      Agreed. I've always meant to go back and finish Vice City, but I don't know when or if I will. I might try and clock it on my Nexus 7 on my flights to/from Europe in December/January, even if it's not as satisfying as using a controller.

    God, I loved that game.

    Tommy Vercetti is an innocent man!

    Yup.. as long as they have all the radio stations, I'll be happy to play it again on the iPad

    Can't wait to play this on my xperia play

    San Andreas is my favourite GTA but Vice City is still amazing and has the best soundtrack by far. Can't wait to get this game (again).

    Once they finally bring over SA, hopefully they will then work on the HD Update! :)

    Is this game coming back to Steam anytime soon?

    The game has aged quite badly. It was good back in the day, but Rockstar have really developed this franchise with each installment.

    These dudes modded it to run in GTA IV's engine.

    "Very Impressive"? by what standard? other mobile games?

    Looks like the 10 year old PC version and it was not the best looking game of it's time either.

    The only thing about Vice City that holds up today is ironically the 80s soundtrack.

    I hope they left in the invincible Admiral you can get after the Guardian Angels mission.

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