Halo 5 On The Xbox 720 Is Shockingly Life-Like (And Totally Fake)

Believe it or not, Halo 5 is already pretty far along in its development. This footage from some kind of internal multiplayer test, created and uploaded by Youtuber devinsupertramp, shows the next game from 343 Industries in action, and it's totally not fake. No way, people.

I do find it a bit strange that old school and forgotten Halo weapons like the SMG and flamethrower are back. And it's definitely weird that the HUD looks more like Halo: Reach's than the one in Halo 4.

But with graphics this life-like, how could this be anything other than real footage of Halo 5 running on the next Xbox system? Let's just hope they fix those server issues before the game is released — Halo 5's pacing looks slow enough as it is. It's almost like those are just people walking around in costumes.

Nah, can't be.

(If you're curious, check out the making-of video below.)


    Sadly, this is the kind of graphics jump many people are probably expecting from the PS4 and Xbox3....

      If halo 5 looked like that video I would not buy it.

    I see they still haven't improved the voice chat yet...

    If Halo 4 is any guide, Halo 5 should look pretty damn amazing for a game releasing in the first year or so of the console's life.

    I noticed it was fake when they made the smart decision of including health.

    That voice over was killing me. The worst voice acting I have ever heard.

    Halo 4:if played on legendary to ending it will show a secret ending.
    Halo 5:it is not a continuing game like all the other Halos.It is a...another type of Halo.It is just a killing enemies and progressing through the levels.It's not a story.

      It's not just shooting a progressing through levels, it will be a new story devoted mainly to the forerunners hence the name the forerunner trilogy

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