Halo & Aliens Are Closer Than You Think

I've lost count of the actual number of times Aliens have been pitted against someone in a comic. It's surely enough that it doesn't matter any more, and we can just throw them in the ring against anyone. I mean, if they can fight Batman and Robocop, then surely Master Chief — who fights in space for a living — is on the cards.

That image up top is by Martin Houlden, an artist who currently works at Frontier Developments, the studio currently trying to scrape together enough cash to make a new Elite game.

You can see more of his work at Martin's personal site.


    Sorry kids, your favorite space marine has nothing against that terrifying creature.

      MC wins.

      Last edited 09/05/14 10:03 am

        If MC so much as pulls the trigger in the pic, he's in for major trouble. Armor doesn't protect much against the Xenos acid blood. I can understand how MC could mow down a horde of The Flood, but a horde of Xenomorphs? lol

          Untrue. Plasma damage is much worse than acid, and MC can take a round of Plasma Rifle before his shields break. A little bit of acid would do nothing.

    Who say the armor wont stand up against acid blood, my money is on MC,

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