Hate Using The Classic Controller On The Wii U? Use The PS2's Instead.

A conversion kit going on sale soon in Japan allows gamers to connect a PlayStation 2 DualShock to the Wii U.

It's an alternative for those who don't prefer the Wii Classic Controller to play old Wii games, and find themselves unable to use their good old GameCube controller because the new console lacks a port to plug them in. (The Pro controller does not support original Wii titles).

Datel's kit costs 1,980 yen, roughly $US25, and goes on sale Dec. 8. It also features a turbo button. No idea if this will be sold in other regions, but if someone's really jonesing for twin analogue action better than what the Classic Controller offers, I suppose they could import it.

Sure, Why Not Connect A PS2 Controller To Your Wii U? [Siliconera]


    Console is bad.

    Buy 12 year old technology to make it better.

    All hail Gamecube.

    What about the Wii U Pro Controller????

      The article states that the wii U pro controller does NOT work with original wii titles.

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