Have You Been Keeping Up With Steam's Holiday Sale?

Steam's ridiculous sales are a big factor in my financial woes, yet I can't seem to keep away from them. Now I'm dragging all of you down with me by reminding you that Steam's holiday sale is going on now. So sorry! I just really hate to feel alone in my over-indulgence in cheap PC games.

We're several days in, and the current highlights include Dead Island at 66 per cent off, DOTA 2 at half off, Dungeon Defenders and Train Simulator 2013 (you know you're curious) for 75 per cent off.

Of course, there are the usual flash deals (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. at 75 percent!), publisher packs and more. The Portal series, Saints Row The Third, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade and more have significant price cuts today as well. And the community's choice discount is currently being offered on The Walking Dead (no surprise there), which is half off.

Be sure to keep an eye on those flash deals if, like me, you just can't help yourself.


    ive tried some is blocked in Australia, how unfair

    Haven't bought anything yet. Not a single title (that I don't already own) worthy of my money so far.

    Usually I buy tons, this year, eh, only one I even thought about was torchlight 2 and I already own scribblenauts from when it released.

    Honestly there hasn't been that much on sale that we haven't already seen.

    Or maybe it's because that through the sales I've already got most things I wanted so everything else just seems meh :P

    I've bought Spore, Ace of Spades, Orange Box, Don't Starve, and Scribblenauts. I'm still holding out to pick up Civ V and its expansion for cheaper to gift to a strategy buff i know, but besides that the majority of games i desperately wanted i've picked up in the Autumn sale or the various humble bundles this year.

      I don't know if you have any US based friends but it is about half the price there so currently around $15 I think
      They are able to gift it to you without any issues

    I've bough a couple mainly pc versions of what I have on ps3 - mirrors edge and bulletstorm with a bit of sim city 4 for flavour

      Mirrors Edge <3 We have someone with good tastes here

        I would think that even someone with bad taste would be able to recognize how good Mirror's Edge is. The only not so great parts in the game are the cartoon cutscenes.

    As cheap as Dungeon Defenders is at the moment, it's probably still a better idea to get the current Humble Indie Bundle. About three bucks more and you get a heap of DLC as well as five other games.

    All three STALKER games for under $10 - $&@# YEAH! If you haven't played these and have even the vaguest interest then I heartily recommend them.

    Forget the Steam sales. Green Man Gaming is where its at. They had Hitman for $25 while it was $29 on Steam. Not much difference you say. Included was a $7 GMG credit. So the next day Sleeping Dogs is $16.99, minus the 30% off voucher that works on selected tiles, makes it about $11.90, minus my $7 credit equals $4.90. Not bad all, but wait, with Sleep Dogs comes a $6 GMG credit, so basically I got paid $1 to buy Sleeping Dogs. With my $6 credit I'm think of buy Devil May Cry 4.

    As for the Steam sale, I've got I am Alive and Unmechanical, both of which I give 2 thumbs up.

    So for $38.50 I've got:
    Hitman Absolution
    Sleeping Dogs
    I am Alive

    Still waiting for Far Cry 3, Deadlight and Mark of the Ninja to be on big discount.
    I'm tempted by TC:Future Soldier for $14.50, but it can probably wait til Easter sales lol.

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      Yep, I bought Scribblenauts Unlimited for $21 on GMG while the sale price in steam was $33.

      I've bought a couple of small things on steam but Scribblenauts was the biggest purchase so far.

      I have issues with GMG, for some reason they really don't like my card. I guess I could try again but was constantly being rejected last time I tried

        Many many people have this issue - the workaround is to use paypal instead - linked to your credit card of course so it works out to be the same thing.

        I use PayPal linked to my bank account, that way my bank doesn't charge me fee's for international transaction with my credit card.

      I doubt they're going to put any more than a 25% discount on Far Cry 3 - considering that it's on the best sellers list at 11 without any discount. You can get a steam gift from gamekeys4u.net (cheapest I've found) for 29 Euros - they delivered mine in a few hours - however if you don't care about it being through steam (just uplay) then you can get it even cheaper.


    Also: Train Simulator... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnAMDg7IVWs

    Been fairly well behaved so far, only a couple of little flash sales games. Unmechanical and universe sandbox, since I voted for it I figured I should buy it.

      I picked up the Universe Sandbox for $2.49 also - wasn't worth it. Game crashes about seven times per hour (not an exaggeration at all - possibly an understatement) and the physics becomes wildly inaccurate (ie - all objects will be flung out of the solar system) on anything but very slow settings (where it will take a day of simulation for anything interesting to happen). I love astrophysics - but that program is rubbish. Also the "achievements" are a joke.

    I haven't bought anything yet. Mainly because I already own pretty much everything I want

    Awww... for some reason i want that Train Simulator game but i dont get paid until the weekend. Normally my bank lets me overdraw about $50 but its not letting me do that anymore.

    Picked up Mark of the Ninja for $11, worth every cent. Highly recommend it for stealth fans. Waiting for Far Cry 3 to go on sale, but not holding my breath!

    I like to think I have been fairly well behaved this time around. Got the Dawn of War II pack (to play with my brother, who lives a fair way away), Saints Row 3 Complete, bought Prince of Persia pack for my girlfriend and she bought me Spec Ops: The Line. Although even though I already own Skyrim, that Bethesda pack sure looks tempting.

    Bastion won the vote - at $3.74 that's a great deal. One of the best games in recent years with an awesome soundtrack and spades of style. BUY IT!

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