Here Are Some Of The Bigass Bosses You’ll Fight In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Here Are Some Of The Bigass Bosses You’ll Fight In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
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Via Capcom, here’s footage of the Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, to be released this March for both Wii U and 3DS.

More monsters:



So what do you think? Cool? Monster-Huntery? I’ve never actually played a Monster Hunter game, so I need to hear your opinions (so I can repeat them at parties).


  • It looks good (coming from someone who played Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii) but I want to know why the heck they keep updating MH3 over and over and not just release a brand new Monster Hunter. This just looks like a HD version of MH Tri with a few new monsters. Even all the areas appear to be the same. Yes I do realise that MH4 is coming to the 3DS but there’s no release date for that outside of Japan.

    • Wii U footage, also the 3DS version does not have proper internet multiplayer. Things to consider! Will I buy a wii u just for this game? Maybe, maybe.

      • True, but the fact you can transfer your save game over and also play local co-op with a Wii U offers a valid reason to still get the 3DS version.

        I don’t normally believe in this kind of console/portable double dip – but this is probably the first game me and my partner will play co-op and actually supports this sort of cross console gameplay.

        PS: Of note, the Wii U is a freaking great system! If not just for the portable pick up and carry around gaming, its just one funky system. Release some decent games on this thing and this may be my Snes/Cube killer console!

  • I would gladly see all the underwater sections removed and Yian Kut-Ku put back in. Taking a new weapon out to smack up a Ku is one of the best things about MH Freedom Unite. The blue bear in MHP3 is just not the same. Very much looking forward to this, oh yes.

  • Why would I buy this when Monster Hunter 4 comes out the same day, and this game is basically the same amount of content as MHP3rd?

    If you haven’t played MHP3rd though, GET THIS GAME. MHP3rd was amazing, and added a tonne of stuff that improved on Tri. Monster variants, new weapons, a way better looking village (well, maybe not in this one?) and it was simply amazing.

    • Because you can buy this one with enhanced graphics, controls and hopefully uncompressed sound. Add to that cross platform gameplay (yes local only) with online play for the Wii U and, most notably, is actually being released in English outside of japan! I do believe they even said there was new monsters and I can only hope new areas.

      Of note – unless you read and have a Japanese 3DS/Wii U your not going to own/be able to play MH4 for a while yet either. So there is plenty of reasons for English speaking players.

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