Here's Samuel Jackson In Halo 4

Cortana, he's not. The AI version of Samuel Jackson looks more like he should be holographically broadcast from an R2 droid. Master Chief probably won't be making a poignant bond with this loudmouth.


    Why not just have one article with all these segments? :S

      On the US site they get paid by the view. Why have one article with X amount of views when you can have a Y articles with Z amount of views!

      (where Y is (X/Y))

      Last edited 09/12/12 8:29 pm

        don't you mean to say Z = X*Y

          Gah, some of my original text disappeared before I hit submit.
          But yours makes sense, albeit a bit optimistic. Intro and TWD

      Can you guys clear my other two comments with the other four clips please? Minecraft Dishonoured (best one) (Angry birds crap) (Blops 2)

    I now hate you, Evan. Which is saying a lot, as I am normally pretty fine with this sort of thing. But god this makes Kotaku look terrible

      I've got two more comments STILL waiting to be cleared twelve hours later with full video of all these. Beats pictures huh? Only took me two minutes of googling, cutting and pasting...

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