Here's The Box Art For BioShock Infinite

The front image for Irrational Games' long-brewing historical FPS has descended from the heavens, featuring lead character Booker DeWitt looking a bit more grizzled than we've seen him before. PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are in evidence, with the latter touting the full original BioShock as part of the package.

(No Wii U version, though.) BioShock Infinite is due out in February 2013. For more of Kotaku's coverage on the game, click here.


    Haha, just when you thought there was any chance of this having unique and interesting box-art... nope! Let's just put a moody looking guy with a gun on it staring into the distance!

    I can sort of see why they do it - to make anybody looking at it realise that "Hey cool, it's a shooting game". But it is a bit of a shame that in doing so it looks like pretty much every other cover out there.

    I'm not a big fan of the cover art. The whole main protagonist portrait looking badass is kind of wearing thin. There is so much potential to create really interesting box art but I don't think this it.

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    Should have just made it look like retro/vintage/old-style advertising, IMHO. No characters etc

      You sure you're not mistaken? From memory it was the retro stuff that always had some Schwarzenegger clone on the cover.

        Pretty sure Schwarzenegger wasn't a celeb in the real vintage days. Unless you're some kid who thinks the 90's count as vintage :P

    I thought this was a fanmade satirical cover at first :P

    I'm sure it'll still be a good game though. Slightly disappointing, but if this is what gets more people to buy it, then great.

    Hmm i plac ed my pre order for the songbird edition, wonder if it will look the same?

    This sucks, that eagle thing would have looked better.

    opposite of uncharted 1 boxart

    Oh well no boxes with digital download games

    why is there always sparks? is there a guy off to the side using a grinder?

    I have no idea why they didn't put Elizabeth on the cover.
    People judge games by their covers. Not everyone has been salivating over every piece of information on games drip-fed to them over the internet. Some people go in and look at the cover to see if it looks like something they'd like. This looks nothing like all the information about the game so far has led me to believe.
    I can't believe someone got paid to put together this misleading and boring cover.

    Also, I wouldn't usually draw this conclusion, but especially in the light of recent events I'm suspicious there's sexism involved. That the marketing department thinks Elizabeth isn't cleavagy enough to sell games so they won't bother putting her on the cover in case she alienates people who just want to shoot stuff. :S

    I would prefer that cover

      I'd prefer this one myself. Not as gorgeous as what you prefer, but it has that charm I can't seem to describe.

        Oh that is nice. Most of my game purchases are digital so box art doesn't bother me with games so much. Movies on the otherhand, so many times I end up designing my own prefered cover art in PS. I love the case in that pic too

          Oh oh! I found another one that's pretty darn awesome.

    it'd been cool if they created something like the old Indiana Jones/BTTF/BladeRunner movie posters. That artist is still kicking around isn't he?

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    That PS3 cover is going to be horrible when the GOTY Edition comes out.

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