Here's The 'Official' First Trailer For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Otherwise known as Final Fantasy XIII-3. You might have seen this a couple of days ago, if you were lucky enough to see the leaked footage before Square Enix pulled it down, but if you weren't, here it is!



    Also may I point out slightly different to the leaked trailer. This one has had more editing done to it, pretty much.

    FS - Don't you get it squeenix? Lightning is bad boring character. Please stop making games with her in it. I would like to buy your games again but you make it so hard.

    "OH hey, maybe lightning wasn't 'cool' enough before, maybe that's why no one liked here."
    "Give her some sunnies! Wow! She's even COOOOOLer"
    "Best hero ever"

    Puh-lease. Give me likeable main please.

    I am look forward to this, watching the trailer has made me give 13-2 another go and I'm really enjoying it

      I think I should make clear that it not that I didn't like 13-2 the first time it's just my ps3 got wiped and I couldn't be bothered starting the game again

    I woulda called it FF:XIII: Lightning stricks twice !!!

    Her new outfit looks way better in motion than the early leaked stills. Can't wait!

    It's kind of morbidly interesting to watch Squeenix beat a dead horse that was never actually alive to begin with.

    Majority of the people commenting are a bigger part of the butthurt bandwagon. Lightning is most definitely not boring, and Lightning Returns is gonna be awesome!

    Give me Skies of Arcadia 2 over this garbage, please.

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