Hitman Versus Counter-Strike: He Did What With A Broom?

Pitting video game characters against each other in hypothetical battles is not a new concept. Indeed, I'm sure it's a regular topic of conversation at conventions, in internet chat rooms and at your last Pokemon-themed birthday party.

But when someone goes to the effort of animating such a melee and using their own voice to provide sound effects and music, it takes on a completely different, oddly adorable vibe.

A YouTube user by the name of "VersusTvigle" has an ongoing series where he/she sketches popular culture icons doing themselves in. In the most recent instalment, Hitman's Agent 47 goes up against a four-man Counter-Strike team.

At a little under two minutes, it won't take long to watch and while the outcome seems obvious at first, the ending turns out differently than expected. It's still hilarious, though.

If you'd like to check out VersusTvigle's other endeavours, there's a clip of The Rock and Rocky and Dukem Nukem against Mike Tyson.

Hitman vs CS [YouTube]


    Love the Sound Effects haha

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