How Google Is Making Sure We Never Forget Japan's Tragic Earthquake

On March 11, 2011, everything changed. Japan was hit hard with a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami. Lives were destroyed. Lives were lost. The country is still rebuilding, and the aftershocks are still being felt by those impacted most.

As time marches on, some think about that day less and less. Google, however, is doing its part so we — and the future — never forget.

The Digital Archiving of Buildings Affected by Great East Japan Earthquake is part of Google's Memories for the Future site. From school gyms to shopping centres, it's possible to get a virtual tour of buildings in Iwate and Fukushima that were impacted by the damage. The site also shows pre and post disaster imagery in Google Street View.

Memories for the Future [Google via IT Media]


    Honestly, Japan took this really well. If this was a less prepared country like the boxing day tsunami was, the death toll would be in the millions.

      Not too surprising, considering that Japan goes through several large earthquakes each month (for example, last month they had 5 earthquakes over the magnitude of 5.0, and six earthquakes able to be felt by humans on the surface in the past week).

    Everything? hardly.

    There was a magnitude 7 ofF Fukuoka this week. The country pulls together well. Disappointed in the politics though. Some govt relief funds were spent on rebuilding whaling, a zombie industry. Nobody eats it.

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