How Japanese Police Use The PS Vita To Catch Criminals

Sony brands the PS Vita as more than simply a game portable. Maybe it should call the machine a "crime fighter" too?

This week's episode of Gekiroku: Keisatsu Micchaku 24ji!! (think Cops, but in Japan) followed the cyber police division in Fukuoka Prefecture.

In one scene, the cyber cops were tracking down a criminal for identity fraud, who allegedly had been using several different computer addresses to illegally buy and sell. During the investigation, an officer whipped out "a device to check WiFi connections". That "device" was a PS Vita.

Japanese site GetNews believes that the investigator carried a PS Vita because, perhaps, it's better able to pick up WiFi signals than smartphones or tablet computers — even better than iPhones or iPod Touches. Also, the site noted how it's pretty easy to walk into a store and get a PS Vita.

Knowing how explicit product placement can sometimes be on Japanese TV, I might be suspicious about this — that this is just a product plug. That is, if the PS Vita wasn't introduced as a "WiFi checker".

For Sony, it's probably good to see the police using the PS Vita. At this point, it's good to see anyone using one.

『警察密着24時』で捜査員が「無線LANをチェックする機械」と取り出したのは『PS VITA』 [ガジェット]

Top photo: DenisNata/Shutterstock


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