How Much Does This Guy Love Street Fighter? More Than You Do

Before you decide to snicker at this guy, just know that he's the reason you're getting a new Mega Man game. The gentleman channelling Dhalsim is Seow Zong Hui, the pro gamer who also goes by the name "Sonic".

These pictures came up while doing a search for Hui as prep for the interview about the Street Fighter x Mega Man that ran earlier today. The Singaporean native competes as the stretchy brawler from Capcom's fighting franchise and these in-character shots were taken by photographer Edmund Yeong, who granted Kotaku permission to use the shots.

Hui's plans to create something for the Street Fighter and Mega Man anniversaries were actually mentioned in Yeong's photo gallery. Fans everywhere will be able to enjoy the fruits of Hui's labour when SFxMM comes out on the 17th.


    Got too much hair. Fail.

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