How Studio Ghibli Got Involved With Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

The fact that Studio Ghibli is so heavily involved in the production of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is enough to get me excited about the release of the game early next year. This developer diary focuses on the precisely what the folks at Studio Ghibli did on the game, and the processes. It's super interesting for anyone looking forward to Ni No Kuni's release.

It's also interesting to see exactly how Studio Ghibli reacted to working on a video game, what they got involved with and what they feel as though they had to compromise on.

The game looks beautiful. Can't wait to check out the final version.

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    Played the demo and it was the RPG of dream. Can't wait

    ARRRRGH I need this game in my life. NEED.

    Yeah played the demo the other day and I am in love. Amazing art and animation. Awesome voice over, Japanese of course. And it has an explorable overworld map!!

      Any update on the PS3 situation? :)

        Yeah arrived on Tuesday morning :D Is one of the older 160gb models but was still brand new so I am pretty happy. No games yet as they could not get their hands on any, go figure. But yay, PS3!!

          Fricken awesome man! I'll post more in TAY as this already has enough Greenius comments :P

    Still tempted to get a PS3 just for Ghibli games.

    Last edited 20/12/12 11:36 am

      I got my ps3 just for this, and even after only playing the demo I am so very glad I did.

    This. If there was ever a reason to pick up a console for a exclusive this game is it.


    I can't wait for my Wizard Edition man, dat art book is going to be sweeeeeet

      Where did you order the Wizard edition. THE ART BOOK IS 300 PAGES LONG. I NEED IT

        Ouch, seems like they increased the price by 10 pounds. I pre-ordered it back in June but I'm still a little scared they won't ship it in the end :(. I've used Zavvi before and they're fine as long as you don't mind waiting like 2 weeks for the game. When I ordered it, it was only like $100 compared to the $140 EB were asking for it so the $40 was worth the wait.

          10 pounds isnt too bad. thanks for the link. I just preordered it. The wait isn't an issue. Everywhere else online had said it is too late for a preorder. lets hope it comes through!

            Good luck to the both of us!

              I pre-ordered from Zavvi as well. Was going to buy the JB Hifi one, but I missed out and they ran out of preorder slots.

          any word about your preorder?

            Nope, nothing good or bad yet.

            I saw an unboxing of the American Edition and the box is a lot smaller than I expected so I don't see any reason why they wouldn't be able to ship it. I ordered the Metal Gear Solid HD Limited Edition from them and received it without any hassle.

            It should be shipping out soon so I can let you know when that happens? Just send me another notification and I'll do so :)

              Yeah and I will do the same thanks.

              I checked today and they haev stated it is now sold out and my order is still processing. Ni No Kuni isnt out in the UK till the 25th so here's hoping they ship it in the next few days.

                I'm pretty sure it got delayed until February 1st for all PAL regions (Australia/UK). The Wizard Edition sold out on Zavvi a while ago but hopefully none of our orders mess up.

      I... haven't seen a Ghibli film, so I don't think so man. :P

        But you had enough interest to click on this article :P

        Unless you were stalking Sughly's comments and upvoting them.

          You guys have hyped the studio up, I wanted to see what a game by them looks like!

            Hyped the Studio up!? Ghibli is like the Japanese Disney and they've inspired so many things, as a fan of film and TV you should at least check out some of their work!

              Yeah you really should D.C. At least then you can say you have seen them. And it is only a few hours out of your busy schedule, a few hours I am sure you will be glad to have spent. Doh, meant as a reply to D.C...

              Last edited 20/12/12 4:25 pm

                Maybe I will, Andy. Maybe I will!

                  They are unbelievably awesome. With some (Grave of the Fireflies) hitting a massive emotional response from me. Admittedly I am a massive fan of Anime but these are more than that. Anyway would love to hear your thoughts on what, if any, you end up watching.

                  Hahaha "busy schedule" ;)

                  @Dc you will actually love Grave of the Fireflies. Seriously. This is the next movie you will watch and the next one to make you cry.

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