How To Beg Your Dad To Buy You A Console

In 1999, Buzzfeed's Josh Fjelstad really, really wanted an N64. And hey, it was 1999, so did a lot of kids. But what Josh did to actually get one was... different.

Instead of just asking, or sulking or whatever else kids do to try and get their way, Josh sat down and wrote a letter. He made a pretty strong case! One which the clip-art at the end completely undermines, but hey, he was a kid. And it worked. A week later, he got his N64.

How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Get An N64 [Buzzfeed]


    Luke - Once again you have failed to comprehend what you are talking about. Are you going to call me names - again? LOL utter fail

      Can you explain what he's missed for the rest of us?

      Or are you just following his every article and trying to troll him?

        He has a cut off version of the second page first, forcing you to go to the other website to read the whole letter, its also word art not clip art.

        Its typical Luke, this man is an alleged professional who cant do half the things correctly in a significant amount of his articles. Its always 1 photo and 1 line or miss quoted, things lopped off or missing, the articles are typically poor to say the least. So as such he gets alot of hate directed at him for his incompetence.

        The kid asked to be allowed to spend his OWN money on a console. He did not beg his father to buy one for him. Anything else you missed?

          You seem mean.

          That is all.

            And you are obviously not very intelligent. Perhaps you could do a spot of writing in the US. I hear they pay by the word.

    @rowan - Luke wrote a article calling the READERS idiots and some other hateful terms if they didn't like CoD, yet he is still being paid to browse reddit and do a half arsed job.

    Every time I want a console, I save my pennies ( well 5c pieces here in Aus) and tell my mom to shove off, and walk to work and buy a console :D

    You really could have done better on this one, Luke.

    I used to put "Playstation" on all of mum's shopping lists... just in case she wasn't really focused one day.

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