How To Fix Female Comic Characters: Turn Them All Into Hawkeye

You probably don't even need to read comics to know that, even to this day, many big-label artists and series still put their female characters in physically impossible poses, all in the name of making them look sexy.

In an attempt to fix this, artist worldwide are teaming up for a top-secret initiative. And by that I mean a Tumblr blog. Where people take ridiculous portrayals of female comic characters and...replace them with a sketch of Hawkeye, from the Avengers, doing the same thing.

The results are...well, take a look for yourself. I don't know whether to be terrified or turned-on, so I'm just going to go ahead and see where both get me.

The Hawkeye Initiative [Tumblr]


    I've got to be honest, the one with Black Widow is sort of cool, aside from Hawkeye's ridiculous looking arse.

      Yeah, the joke would work a whole lot better if most folks weren't just tracing over the silhouette of the original image. A lot of the drawings here could still quite easily be women. Hell, several of them still have sizeable breasts to go with their child-bearing hips.

    Hilarious! And a little thought provoking.

    Robot Chicken did a sketch using this idea in the last couple of weeks, pretty funny stuff:

    The crap Hawkeye copies just make me appreciate the originals more, especially Marc Silvestri's.

    Man, Greg land is a douche.

    I'll admit there is still a lot of over exaggerated-ness going on in comics, but it's not just females who are being portrayed in an exaggerated manner. You can do this with just about anything and it's funny: men in stereotypical female poses, women in stereotypical male poses, fat people in place of skinny, cats in place of... well anything.

      In fact looking at them again i'm certain that if the artists doing the copies were any good at drawing they could put hawkeye in the same pose as most of them and it'll still look fine.

      I'm not really a comic book reader so I cant speak from 1st hand experience. But after reading tumblers like and (those probs aren't work safe) it makes me think the impossi-poses are stupid. Exaggerated is one thing, elastic spines and a complete disregard for how skeletons work is another.

      Men and women in comic books are unrealistic by nature but men don't seem to often be posed in a way that is impossible to do in real life.

        Go have a look at any Todd Mcfarlane stuff, especially spidey, it's all types of wrong. Oh and anything that Rob Liefeld has done, ever.

          Actually, in one Spiderman (Torment) that Todd Macfarlane did, there was a mini comic at the end that was about Spiderman complaining about spinal pains because Todd has drawn him in impossible poses and positions. Its at the back of the Torment TPB if my memory serves me right.

          Dont get me wrong, i am a fan of his art, but look at this!

    pff, Nightwing is like this in all his books anyway.

      Well yeah, that's the point. Lots of people (including stuff posted on that tumblr) are already arguing that Nightwing is the original male strong female character. There just needs to be more Nightwings.


    If nothing else, it has highlighted how truly stupid the 'bum and boob' panels are. Those twisting poses and weird angles so that the artists can show off the boobs AND the butt in the one shot are both ridiculous and frequently impossible for anyone who ISN'T a crazy flexible acrobat like Nightwing or Spiderman, and it's certainly not comfortable enough to be turning up outside of action scenes. Try and stand like that and it shows just how many uncomfortably unnatural poses are getting shoe-horned in for the purpose of sexualisation.

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