How To Instantly Own The World’s Coolest Star Wars Action Figure Collection

How To Instantly Own The World’s Coolest Star Wars Action Figure Collection

Collecting nearly 2000 Star Wars action figures the hard way would have taken thousands of dollars and decades of work. The easy way is to let someone else do it, then buy their collection straight off them.

If that’s more your style, the Star Wars museum at Rancho Obi-Wan are auctioning off a lot of 1950 figures, a tally that constitutes “nearly every Star Wars action figure ever produced…(100% of the 1978-85 series is here, and nearly every subsequent figure produced to early 2011)”.

The market value of such a collection has been valued by an expert at over $US8000. If that’s not enough to get you bidding, know that the funds will go to help keep Rancho Obi-Wan – a not-for-profit establishment – running. Oh, and that they all used to belong to Fon Davis, a former model-maker at ILM who’s worked on six Star Wars movies (the prequels and the original re-releases).

You can see some money shots of some of the figures in the gallery above.

Star Wars The Ultimate Action Figure Collection Lot 1,950 Loose Figs From Book [eBay, via neatorama]


    • Yeah that’s a very reasonable price. It’s actually realistic that an “average” person might fork out for that.

      I’m not rich but i’d consider it, would be heaps cool.

    • Depends. Back when I was a kid in the early nineties, I collected almost all of the original Kenner 78-85 figures, certainly all of the ones printed on the back of the packs. I also managed to pick up a bunch of the rarer ones, as well as some in-box and big pieces (Y-Wing, Falcon, Jabba etc).

      Back then, they were dirt cheap – kids from the 80s were moving out and their parents sold them for a couple of dollars at most. Even collector fairs tended to sell them for next to nothing.

      Of course, nothing lasts forever and by the late nineties they were starting to jump in price quickly. Things I bought for a dollar each were suddenly over $20.

      I guess that’s how our generation will fund our retirement 😉

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