How To Make The Wii U's Controller Even More Like The 360's

The Wii U's Pro Controller already does a great 360 pad impersonation, but just in case you wanted/needed it to be more like Microsoft's input device, here's a mod that shows you how to drop a pair of Xbox 360 thumbsticks inside the casing of a Wii U Pro Controller.

It's of course not going to happen easily, as you'll need to take the pad open and unscrew and move around some stuff, but hey, the effect might well be worth it for some.

Even though I had no interest in doing this myself, I watched the whole damn video, because you get to see extensive footage of both controllers being taken apart, something I'm developing a strange fetish for.

Wii U Pro / Xbox 360 Controller Mod [Gametista, via Go Nintendo]


    you no, you could probaly just take out the inserts and put them in a 360 controller with a bit of modification

      Yeah that's the first thing I thought as well, though I can't imagine a worse D-pad than on the 360 controller, so that's one reason to keep the Pro's shell and buttons.

    I haven't held this Wii-U Pro Controller, but generally I like Nintendo thumbsticks better anyway.

      I agree, though the classic controllers thumb sticks was balls.

    for me, 360 controller is awkward
    cant imagine anyone actually convert nintendo controller to 360
    but meh.. suppose majority of ppl likes the 360

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