How To Sneak Behind The Wheel Of A Pelican Dropship In Halo 4

Ever since I crash-landed in one in Halo: Combat Evolved, I've had a soft spot for those big ol' UNSC Pelican dropships. As it turns out, it's possible for three players to team up in the campaign level "Reclaimer" and hop behind the wheel of one, despite the fact that the story doesn't call for it.

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The trick was (somehow) discovered by NoWise10, who demonstrates it in the video above.

It's a pretty involved process, so if you're looking for another tutorial, check out this one by SomeFilthyCasuals, who provide their own walkthrough.

H/T Praxic


    Doing stupid things with vehicles is one of my favourite pastimes in co-op Halo. Have spent hours with friends trying to get them over the barriers that are there to block them, inside buildings of my favourites was the third level of Reach (ONI Sword Base) after you're supposed to dismount from the warthogs and go into the base, we managed to use one of us as a ramp to drive the Warthog over the barrier and into the base, kill off the Hunters with it, then eventually drive it into the lift you need to take. It exploded once the lift started moving, killing us all... totally worth it.

    I'm curious about two things: how they worked out the specific sequence of events that causes the Pelican to spawn; and what the relevance of the punching is?

      According to the video the punching is to delay the checkpoint apparently, don't see how honestly.

      you don't checkpoint while in combat, so punching is classed as combat afaik

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