I Can Relate To Too Many Of These Dumb Ways To Die In Video Games

When you think about it, there really are lots of dumb ways to die in video games. Megasteakman uploaded this song yesterday to poetically put all of those death scenarios into one video. How many can you relate to?


    No reference to the "dumb ways to die" by metro? nice journalism.

      It is pretty shitty lol.

      I think Metro is getting enough advertisement as it is, and at 31 million Youtube views it's safe to assume just about everybody knows what the video is referencing.

        everyone except tina amini

      I'm pretty sure that everyone knows about the original, and that this one is a parody. No need to get so critical.

    Cute, by my god those dancing animations were disturbing.

    The musicians die if they get booed off stage? Live gigs sure have gotten rough over the years.

    Is it just me or does Master Chief look like he has his Junior Chief out? It was really quite disturbing.

    Personally, I'm guilty of always either ending up watching the wrong screen, or watching someone else's character when we're all on the one screen. Especially in Castle Crashers...

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