I Can't Believe We Still Have A This Week In Games Post!

I came into the office this morning. 'I probably won't have to do a This Week In Games post,' I thought to myself. I thought wrong. Kylie: Sing And Dance is being released this week. The people must know.

Kylie: Sing & Dance (Wii)

What is it? An abomination/greatest game ever. Should you care: NO!/YES OH GOD YES!

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (PS Vita)

What is it? An actually really quite good karting game. Should you care? Yes.

Wreck-It Ralph (Wii/DS/3DS)

What is it? Movie tie-in game. Should you care? You should care about the movie, because I really enjoyed it!

Zumba Core Kinect

What is it? Zumba. Should you care? The world needs another Zumba game.


    Seeing as I beat ZombiU over the weekend I might just pick up Kylie Sing and Dance for some upscaled kylie goodness. Megaton!!!

      Upscaled? Not on the Wii U :(

        You're Wii U must be differnet to mine. Mine upscales Wii games to 1080p just fine ;)

    Zombiu core Kinect !!!
    Oh wait.... Misread that one :-(

    An abomination AND awesome at the same time? *Head explodes*

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