I Didn't Expect Red Dead Redemption 10 To Be 'Announced' Like This

About a month ago I decided to finally play Max Payne 3. The game prompted me to make a social account with Rockstar, so I did.

This came up when I was picking an avatar for the account — I knew Red Dead was a franchise, but damn! That sure is looking into the future.


    Or there are 10 different Red Dead Redemption avatars

    From my recollection, each is a separate avatar portrait. They aren't sequels to Red Dead Redemption. For example Midnight Club: Los Angeles 2 is listed there, which isn't released or mentioned anywhere by Rockstar Games.

    Although I highly suspect this is a joke article.

    It's hard to tell if this is one of those joking around type posts or not. Couldn't you have put in an "lol" or "joke" tag or something to make it more obvious you weren't serious? lol

    The sooner we get this game on PC the better.


    Can't be serious... too stupid to be serious

    Somebody get this article an eggplant!

    Last edited 06/12/12 1:26 pm

    click bait article...

    This is a joke on two levels. Neither of which is funny.

    Sorry guys, but this is real.

    Personally I can't wait for Rockstar Icons to come out. And I'm hoping the sequels will be even better.

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