I Hope This Reaper-Meets-Dubstep Track Doesn't Indoctrinate Me

Everything needs a little dubstep in it. OK, not actually. But this track by Soundcloud user Rig manages to mash a whole bunch of different reaper sound clips and put them together to make an awesome dubstep track. Check it out:

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It's particularly impressive when you listen to what some of those sound clips sound like normally (video by YouTube user DanteAlehandro.)

Almost seems like reapers and dubstep were meant to go together.

Kotaku is not responsible for any dubstep-indoctrinated readers.


    I was about to say: "Serrels, is this some kind of a silly post-Christmas joke?"

    But then I saw it was Patricia Hernandez... And I almost laughed so hard that I cried.

    That "Page Not Found" page is all kinds of adorable.

    Last edited 27/12/12 11:54 am

    Oh Patricia, what will we do with you

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