I Played The War Z So You Didn't Have To

The War Z has quickly become the week's most interesting, and hilarious, news item. Between the bad press, the worse press and the fact the game's been taken down from Steam, most of you are probably yet to actually play it.

Well, over the past few days, I've been playing it. So you don't have to.

Seriously, don't take this as an Official Kotaku Review™, but...from what I've played, the game is awful. Animations are janky. There's a distinct lack of user prompts or directions. Some textures look like they're from a 1990s flight simulator. The zombie AI is comedic.

Pretty much all of which you'll get a sense for in the above video, which for reference is all from a single playthrough.

Sure, the game can change. It can improve. After all, it's still in testing a "foundation release". Question is, after all this mess, whether anyone trusts the developers that it will, or if they do, if anyone will care.


    Quickly, the zombies are coming - get to the roof of that car.

    I wonder the developers of DayZ are laughing right now. . .

      Unfortunately Dean Hall the maker of day z mod is depressed right now because of the war z fiasco.
      And had even had some thoughts of quitting here is the article: http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/12/20/dayz-dean-hall-war-z-comments/

    The game has potential and "Foundation Release" i have found is a very fancy word for ALPHA release. I have enjoyed what i have played, but not enough to recommend it to anyone. Iteams are few and far between and most of it is useless as there are not enough weapons to be found for the amount of zombies and Bandit humans who will kill you faster then you can say you have nothing of value

    So from what i gather its no better or worse than day z?

      I'd say it's worse, simply because it's an obvious cash in where at least there was some passion behind Day Z.

        Didn't War Z start development before Day Z?

        Isn't War Z a standalone where Day Z is a mod?

          The developers of WarZ announced it just when DayZ was getting really popular they then later said that WarZ has been in development for over 2 years though this is a lie as you can see mostly everything from the game is a straight copy and paste from War Inc which is also made by the WarZ team the stuff that is in the game that is new is no way near over 2 years worth of development this has about 3-4 months work on it maybe less maybe a little more anyway obvious cash grab.

          For those who want an honest opinion about the game it I can't say its a good game because well it isn't and it isn't exactly fun either though I have had some times where I have enjoyed it but mostly it is walking around really slowly to places trying to find loot get killed by people and kill zombies or get killed by them to so it does get boring after a while but the game if it was with different developers has a lot of potential.

            Your description of WarZ sounds identical to my experience in DayZ.

            I'mma go on a limb and just leave them all alone until I see something that is in some way mildly interesting.

            Zombies in something like Planetside 2 engine? That'd be hot.

            Also, Sergey from Hammerpoint was also behind Big Rigs, the worst game ever

      DayZ at least says clearly its in alpha. Real advancements have been made since it debuted, most prominently the removed time delay between zombies taking damage and dying recently. The Warz could be improved no doubt but that's only if it recovers from the well deserved slamming its just taken. If it wants to be a 'pay to win' style game it really should just be honest about it.

    "Animations are janky. There’s a distinct lack of user prompts or directions. Some textures look like they’re from a 1990s flight simulator. The zombie AI is comedic."

    Pretty much sums up my thoughts on DayZ as well. +1 or -1 a point, but still pretty close. In it's defense, at least DayZ was just a mod... However if the same problems exist in the stand alone game, they're going to be equally as laughable.

    (I have not played The War Z and don't really intend to. Just following the articles out of morbid interest)

      Very fair point. I have very much higher expectations for dayz standalone than the mod.

      Well with rockets latest post on reddit there might not actually be a stand alone he was thinking about cutting his losses and ending it due to stress that he is under.

      Rockets post: http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/154fl0/in_light_of_the_recent_events_surrounding_warz_i/c7jd1cb

      "Animations are janky. There’s a distinct lack of user prompts or directions. Some textures look like they’re from a 1990s flight simulator. The zombie AI is comedic."

      Sounds like DayZ to me! The difference is that if this carries over to the standalone product you WON'T see people in the ragefest they're in over WarZ. They'll use the "it's still an alpha!" excuse or talk about how "it was the same in Arma and Arma is fine!"

      That's double standards for you.

    Wow this is different from my experience - Log in>die>log out>curse myself for losing a few more minutes of my life!

    The game itself is not terrible and has a lot of potential. The graphics are pretty and run on most computers, and the game can be very atmospheric. I stumbled upon a destroyed town in the middle of the night and it was very creepy with the contextual ambient music and the groans of the zombies. I felt scared, alone and very vulnerable. The team have done a great job and should not be blamed for the bad behaviour of marketing and PR dept. Unfortunately it takes a whole company to make a game not just a few good guys.

    I really wanted to like the War Z, but it's just too buggy and badly designed to enjoy. The combat is terrible and the game gives you no incentive to cooperate with others. You spend 40 minutes gathering items and some asshole you don't even see snipes you dead. The 4 hour respawn time is a joke. The company's ethic is awful and it is clear they do not respect their customers. The way Sergei blamed his customers for "misreading" the lies he printed on the games's store page, and the way their forums are moderated, turned me off the game and the company completely. You can't trust a company that never admits fault, they will just keep screwing you and then denying it.

    I have asked for a refund from Steam and I encourage others to do the same.

    TLDR; game has great potential but is ruined by shitty decisions and an asshole team leader.

      he graphics are pretty and run on most computers

      Those two things never go hand in hand in PC gaming. Second of all, it looks just like Arma 2. A reasonably old game that had mediocre graphics to begin with.

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