If Everyone In Metallica Got Killed Fighting Aliens In XCOM

Everyone thinks that Metallica fell from grace, sold out, became corporate shills. But what if they'd gone out a different way? What if they suited up for battle, XCOM style, and went down in a blaze of glory while fighting off chryssalids?

Gus Mastrapa, metal-head games writer extraordinaire, has imagined this exact scenario, renaming his XCOM: Enemy Unknown squad to match the names of the famed California thrash band.

"We got cocky," Burton said to himself. "We thought we could do this, but we couldn't. We should have stayed in San Francisco and made records. I never wanted to save the world. I just wanted to drink beer and play my bass." But that's all over.

For a moment he thought he could just give into despair — let himself just fade to black.

"Fuck that."

Cliff Burton racked his shotgun, driving his remaining shells into position. He checked the settings on his Arc Thrower. "If I can take down two of the fuckers maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to bag the last one."

I can't really do the thing justice, so just go read it. And remember, the next time you're feeling like you can't think of good names for your XCOM squaddies: There are probably a bunch more bands out there that want to save the world.

Heavy Metal XCOM [Bitcreature]


    Haha, this is great. Kudos to who ever took their time to write all this up.


    I loled a lot.

    That has to be hands down the dumbest thing I've ever read!

    talking about Cliff Burton, but has a picture of Jason Newsted, and agreed, dumbest thing ever!

    "Everyone thinks that Metallica fell from grace, sold out, became corporate shills"

    I don't think that.....

    This is a retarded article.
    For starters, the heart and soul of Metallica, Cliff Burton died many many years ago in that black ice buscrash. This is when Metallica's downfall really began. Secondly that picture shows Jason Newstead, who was kicked out because James and Lars are douchebags, and thirdly Metallica now have Rob Trujillo. They sold out, changed completely and they suck. No doubt. I used to love them. Kirk will always be a champ though and Rob is relatively innocent but if Metallica had decided to save the world instead of millions of dollars at fan expense they'd have died heroes. But they didn't.. They decided they would be fuckwits and shit out 4 more 'innovative' albums..

    Far gone are the days of Alcoholica.. =(

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