If We Ever Get A New Legend Of Zelda Cartoon, It Should Look Exactly Like This

The Legend of Zelda cartoon from the late 1980s gave us a seemingly immortal joke with its "Well! Excuuuuuuse me, Princess!" catchphrase but it didn't feel a lot like the games it was based on.

What I like about this short by animation studio Shamoozal is the fact that Link shows some of the fear that anyone would feel in a "oh, crap I'm fighting a dragon situation." And the stunned relief that he actually won? That's a great moment, too.

(via GoNintendo)


    "It Should Look Exactly Like This"

    You Kotaku posters sure are extremely opinionated. A franchise like Zelda would deserve much higher quality animation.

      I found the animation to be quite charming. The movement, and action (especially Link's expressions) were great, and although there is not much detail to the art, it kinda suits the Zelda theme. I think this Shamoozal could make some great cartoons.

      Also very reminiscent of Samurai Jack with minimal voice acting and awesome use of sound effects (along with the minimalist art design). Imagine Genndy Tartakovsky making a Zelda cartoon. That would be INSANE!

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    Very ordinary. I was hoping for something 'Wind Waker' inspired. Not a year 10 animation assignment.

      Year 10 animation assignment? You must have gone to a school where flash animation was a mandatory class. Most of the animations I saw in my year ten classes were stick people fighting animations :/

        I'm going to assume that was because Xiao xiao was very popular at the time :)

      Year 10 animation at my old school consisted of pivot stick figure animator. This would be a pretty incredible high school project.

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