I'm Frying My Eyes, So Let's See If These Gaming Glasses Can Stop That

I stare at a screen. A lot. All day. And when I finish, I stare at a screen some more. Seriously, this cannot be good for my eyes.

You might have the same worry! You might not, because a) You don't stare at a monitor or a TV all day or b) Don't really care about your peepers. But these viewing circumstances do concern me. They don't keep up at night, but yes, there's some pause for concern. That's what Gamers Edge Gaming Glasses, with their "Stop Frying Your Eyes" slogan, hope to combat. Do they?

The glasses have been around for a while now, but I recently checked out three tester samples I was sent: aviator style, green rectangle specs, and camo wraparounds. I'd probably wear the aviators in public. Those green rectangles? Hrm. Those camo wraparounds? Never. Ever. Thank goodness they're also available in black.

Priced at around $US40, they're not a premium product. You're not buying Oliver Peoples, here! They are packaged with a pouch for easy storing, and the frames do certainly seem sturdy enough to handle regular use. However, when I pulled on the aviator frames, I could hear a slight creaking. So don't do that, I guess! The wraparounds appear to be the most rugged of the bunch — I felt like I could chuck them into a bag and did a few times to test them. I didn't try sitting on them, though. You can do that with your pair.

Most of the money was probably poured into the lenses, and if you are buying these, that's perhaps what you care most about, and whether or not you can use these while gaming. The glasses are lightweight, so I was able to wear for long stretches, no problem.

According to VC Eyewear, the lenses are coated with "exclusive iEdge filtered lens technology". VC Eyewear says that these lens filter artificial light that is emitted from screens, thus offering clearer screen resolution and a more relaxed viewing experience.

Did they? For the most part, yes. Under low light conditions, wearing the glasses while gaming meant less eye strain and fatigue — less eye frying. That's good!

However, using them in natural light or well lit conditions didn't feel as comfortable, because the yellow lens tint became far more noticeable. As with sunglasses, the tint is something you get used to, but the glasses seemed to work better for me in low light conditions. I'm assuming those were the conditions for which they were designed.

I didn't feel like I was getting a "competitive edge", like VC Eyewear claims, but I did feel like the glasses did what they promised: making staring at a screen for long stretches in low light more comfortable than it usually is. So maybe that is an edge, at least for good eye health.

Gamers Edge [VC Eyewear]


    Could you not just turn your screen brightness down? Seems like most people just forget to do that in low light.

      It's not the brightness that's straining your eyes, it's the contrast between objects on screen.

    There's a piece of software called Flux that does a good job of adjusting the brightness of your screen based on the time of day in your area and the corresponding day/night cycles. It runs in the background and does a great job.

      It certainly does what it's supposed to do, but I find I love accurate colour representation too much to deal with the yellow tint gives you, I eventually uninstalled it because I'd end up turning it off whenever it went into effect >_

        Haha to be honest I ended up in the same situation - just thought people might be interested. Well and truly gone from my computer.

    There's one thing I don't like about these glasses. It's the fact that I wear prescription glasses, I'd have to wear these over the top. It's so frustrating. Why can't they release clip on to go on the glasses. I have clip on sunglasses which work a treat.

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      You can get this as a prescription lens, I remember SpecSavers asking me if I wanted a pair the last time I got glasses.

        Really? They never asked me when during my test I told them I spend at least 7 hours or so a day looking at a screen, laptop, tablet, tv or otherwise

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    Has there been any research into whether these are any more effective than a placebo?

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    In have a pair of Gunnars and yeah they do work. I wear em when I know I'm going to be locked into a game session that goes for longer than 2 hours and on the other side my eyes don't feel like crap.

    The only downside is that I have a wide head and my set of Gunnars are made for a tiny head. They still work though. Would be nice to know which ones fit us fat-headed people.

      I actually have pair of Gunnars and boy I get massive headache after them (I have perfect eye side) but I really can't use them for long :( I'm starting to think that they are not for everyone

    i wear gunnars all the time now while on my computer, they help reduce the strain on yours eyes while staring at the screen. i use to get horrible head aches on games that required much reading, now not so much

    big downside tho is they do not work well with headsets, i find that most headsets push the side frames into your head which gets annoying after about half an hour.

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