In This Version Of The Legend Of Zelda, Link Cuts People's Heads Off

Artistic interpretations of Nintendo's most popular fantasy swordsman run the gamut from burly and broad-shouldered to effing pissed to utterly horrifying. But these stripped-down paintings by Dave Palumbo represent a more grounded, pulp fantasy take on the Hero of Hyrule.

Palumbo — who's done work for Blizzard, Marvel and Wizards of the Coast — removes the iconic hat and doubles down on finer details like glinting chainmail and tattered boots. The result is a Link who looks like he could have been created by Robert E. Howard instead of Shigeru Miyamoto. This pointy-eared hero? He's not so gentle.

Dave Palumbo Paints Beautiful Demons, Bad Deeds and Lots of Link [Comics Alliance]


    Daniel Craig as link, gg.

      Exactly what I thought.

      No hat, fine I guess... But short, cut brown hair? What?

    Todd Howard is link? Woah, mind blown.

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