Indie/Downloadable Game Of The Year

Indie/Downloadable Game Of The Year
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Okay you’ve nominated, then you voted, now it’s time to announce the Indie/Downloadable Game of the Year.

This may have been one of the most stacked categories in Kotaku’s 2012 awards. Picking my own winner was pretty intensely difficult. But first, the reader awards…

Reader’s Choice

The Walking Dead: 17%

Well, I sort of have to say I saw this coming! Good choice. But this one was extremely tight!

Runners Up
Journey: 15%
Torchlight 2: 11%

Editor’s Choice

Trials Evolution

What’s the better game? The one you personally got the most out of? The one you spent hours with, hours perfecting, hours falling in love with. The one you thought about randomly during the day for some strange reason. Is it that game?

Or is it the one that felt ‘important’?

Choosing between Trials Evolution and Journey was difficult but, at the precise same time, felt like an utterly meaningless choice. What does it mean to like one of these games over the other? Considering what different experiences they were, considering that I loved Journey for a completely different set of reasons. It feels silly to choose.

But if I have to choose, it must be Trials Evolution. Mainly because it compelled me like no other. It was a game I obsessed over, and the type of game I enjoy most — a game that becomes more than an experience and transitions into a genuine skill. Trials Evolution is perhaps the perfect example of a game you can truly become good at. A game that allows for mastery. That’s what defines it, that’s what makes it special, and that’s why it’s my favourite Indie/Downloadable game of the year.

Runner-up: Journey


  • My 2 picks and agree with this 100%. Glad to see both of these games getting the recognition they deserve. Both of these games have totally sucked me into their worlds for different reasons but I have loved both of them. Great picks.

    Also Trials Riders, don’t forget there is new DLC dropping later this month:

    Going to be amazing man, new bike, and a skill game that is a randomly generated and never ending track of extreme obstacles. 🙂

      • You know its well worth the 400msp.

        Press release just for you (and shameless promotion because i love these guys why not!)

        Some say the Mayans predicted that the world would end in December, 2012. What they did not predict was the coming of the four motorcyclists of the apocalypse – the RIDERS OF DOOM!

        Packed with content and new ways to play, Riders of Doom blows open the doors of the Trials with more content than ever seen before!

        40 More Tracks and Tournaments!

        RedLynx’s team of crack level designers has been hard at work, crafting 20 new Trials tracks, 10 all-new Skill Games, 5 more Supercross tracks for your multiplayer madness, and 5 brand-new Tournaments to challenge even the most enduring riders.

        Enter the Banshee

        For the first time since the launch of Trials Evolution, a new motorcycle appears in the garage. The Banshee combines the speed of the Scorpion with the handling of the Phoenix, forging the perfect blend of speed and agility.

        SKILL GAME Spectacular!

        Adding to the original Trials’ 10 Skill Games, Riders of Doom brings 10 more fearsome tests that will challenge you to do everything from riding a hoverbike to climbing an endless series of randomly generated extreme obstacles in some of the wildest, most ambitious, and most challenging Skill Games in the history of Trials!

        Explore the land of “BIG SANDS”!

        This new DLC unveils a vast new desert for riders and track builders to explore – sixteen square kilometers of rocky wilderness – plus hundreds of new editor objects, the perfect sandbox for new user track creation.

        • Sure, but won’t somebody think of the children! More specifically, my child! He’ll be an orphan over the Christmas break.

          • haha. You just gotta get a MiniShady and then teach him to like your games and your music. Makes bonding so much easier. 🙂

            I get him occasionally on the weekend asking his mother if he can play ‘Bikes’ and I’ll be cleaning or something and just look at my wife like “Look at him asking so nicely, I really should stop cleaning the house and do some gaming… because thats what he wants” 🙂

    • Shit! I finally just bought the BMX DLC on the weekend!!

      I should say Mark you made the right choice, but my reason goes to the incredible user tracks which have frankly pushed the boundaries of creativity with genuine cleverness

  • Learning to play Trials is like learning to ride a bike – seriously! I picked it up again for the first time in months over the weekend, and it took me barely 5 minutes to regain the nuanced control required to beat the tracks.

    For the reasons that Mark outlined, it is my game of the year in every category it contests. It is equal parts pleasure and pain, reaching heights of both that no other game can top.

    Unfortunately, I’m an idiot who didn’t vote for it any of the categories, because I didn’t remember how awesome it was till I picked it up again after the voting period. Oh well.

  • Journey and the Unfinished Swan got stiffed by being only on one platform I suspect (and only being released late in the year, in the case of The Unfinished Swan).

    • Yeah, but Trials was only on 360 and Windows as far as I know. I agree that Journey beats it hands down, but Trials has an addictive quality about it that obviously suckered in our good Mr Serrels. I remember quite a few weekend gaming articles where he mentioned going after different levels with a kind of obsessive fervor.

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