Jackie Chan In Trouble For Claims Over Guns And Grenades

Jackie Chan In Trouble For Claims Over Guns And Grenades

Hong Kong police are investigating Jackie Chan for saying his life is like something out of, dare I say, an action flick. While speaking with Guangzhou-based magazine Southern People Weekly, Chan recalled how he did something most Hong Kong actors were afraid to: stand up to gangsters by carrying guns and grenades.

In that interview (via May Daily), Chan allegedly talks about how gangsters would threaten actors by pointing weapons at them, and telling them that they were going to make a movie.

Chan is quoted as saying (via South China Morning Post): “In the past, when they bullied me, I hid in the United States. They opened fire at me once I got off the aeroplane. From that moment on, I needed to carry a gun every day when I went out. When I returned to Hong Kong and ate outside, more than 20 people surrounded me with melon knives.”

“I pulled out a gun, and had two more concealed. I told them they had been going too far and that I had been hiding from them. Later on, I confronted them with two guns and six grenades.” Because one isn’t scary enough?

In Hong Kong, guns are heavily regulated. Carrying a weapon requires a licence, and it’s unclear if Chan was ever issued one. And no, there are no grenade licenses.

Breaking Hong Kong laws can result in up to fourteen years in prison or the equivalent of a $US12,000 fine. Police are investigating the claims, which, considering how long ago they happened, and that Chan could be making this up, will be hard to prove. Some even think the Hong Kong police is investigating Chan as PR stunt — a way to show how serious they are about crime.

Chan has apparently commented on his verified microblogging site, writing, “I told the media about my unruly behaviour to express that I had the thought of resorting to violence because of my lack of education. I cannot express myself properly sometimes, I only want to say that people need discipline, and our government should manage the public and resources in a fair way.”

If 20 gangsters show up when Jackie Chan is eating, shouldn’t he beat all of them up with a pair of chopsticks, his chair, and the tablecloth? That’s how it always goes in his movies.

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  • Wow… i find that very strange, he was always an advicate against guns, almost every movie he ever did he refuses to use guns, there is almost never blood in his movies, and i remember an interview about 15 years ago where he mentioned his hatred towards graphical and gang related violence being portrayed in movies as “cool”…

      • i read the full article… do you have trouble understanding people? i wasn’t arguing against the fact that he admitted he did it, i was saying i find it strange that after all the years i’ve been a fan i never knew this about him.
        I wasn’t judging him i was genuinly shocked to find out he had a sordid past, in fact it makes me more of a fan to know that even tho he did stuff like this he still is against guns and gang violence.

  • In his 1998 book “My life in action” Chan explains that it’s normal for HK movie stars to be approached by gangsters demanding a cut of the action.. so this story is probably true.

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