Japanese Textbook Gives Sega The Cold Shoulder

Sega. Founded in 1940, the company has come a long way from its origins as a jukebox and slot machine maintenance company. Until the boom of the PlayStation console, Sega stood alongside Nintendo as one of the big two video game companies.

Long after its retreat from the console market back in 2001, Sega still continues to be one of the top names in video game and entertainment development, consistently releasing new and innovative entertainment goods for the world to enjoy. While missteps have been had, the company is unmistakably one of the video game world’s greatest contributors, without which the video game landscape would be much different… At least, that’s what the history books SHOULD say.

Japanese Twitter user minchonz recently posted a picture on his feed showing a very brief take on the company. minchonz’s twitter entry reads:

From my daughter’s social studies class material. I wept at the treatment of Sega…

The caption next to the entry for Sega reads, “[Sega] Released the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast to compete with the PlayStation, but was outnumbered by the amount of popular games.”, and is followed by an image of a newspaper clipping of when Sega announced it was no longer manufacturing the Dreamcast.

Now, this is only one part of one page and personally, it’s nice to see that video games have become such an integral part of society that they teach about them in school. Still, as a Sega fan, and a current owner of both a Sega Saturn and Dreamcast, having that old wound picked at stings.

娘が社会の授業で使ってる資料集、SEGAの扱いに涙した。。。(T ^ T) [Twitter]

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