Journey's Soundtrack Has Been Nominated For A Grammy

The nominations for the 55th Grammy Awards have been revealed, and for PS3 gamers there's quite the surprise: Austin Wintory's wonderful score for PSN title Journey has been nominated for Best Score Soundtrack.

That's not some weird term for an obscure category nobody will ever hear about; it's the category for the best original score soundtrack, and has Wintory up against people like Hans Zimmer and John Williams, and the scores to movies like Dark Knight Rises, Hugo and Tintin.

If he wins, it won't be the first Grammy a video game has won; Christopher Tin's "Baba Yetu" won in 2011 for a track he composed for...2005's civilisation IV.

Best of luck, Austin!

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards Nominees [Grammys]


    Absolutely deserves it. The main theme is amazing.

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