Just Because The Shark Isn't Moving Doesn't Mean It's Dead

This YouTube video by Criken is amazing. It's basically a collection of random happenings while playing Far Cry 3.

Included are:

  • Sharks who play dead after being run over
  • Sharks who are actually dead after locals that don't give a damn run them over
  • Throwing rocks at sharks. Also at domestic abusers.
  • The water not discriminating against human or beast alike in its ability to straight up kill after contact (does nobody know how to swim on this island?!)

And much more. I love absurd humour like this.


    The way everyone/everything dies in the water is weird. I once saw a villager walking straight into a river. I tried to get in his way and push him back. But he just kept walking until he drowned.

      Indeed, it strikes me as odd too, would've liked to see some humans and animals at least try to swim in this game, then the sharks eat them...

    I didn't know there were crocodiles until about 15 hours in - when I was taking a nice swim across an uplands stream and then BAM - I screamed like a little girl.

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