Knock Knock. Who's There? Animatronic T-Rex Costume

It's fun enough to walk down the street, but you know what's probably more fun? Walking down the street in a huge animatronic T-Rex costume, as demonstrated in this video from Roman Atwood.

Aw, look at the doggies run.

This looks to be the same costume we caught at New York Comic-Con, made by KHA Entertainment. Fun for cons, and for real life!

How's everyone out there doing? Having a good week? Anyone pick up Far Cry 3 today? Don't you think this game would be awesome if it had some dinosaurs, Jurassic Park-style?

[via Patrick Klepek]


    Great stuff. There's one also on Youtube somewhere where they take one to a school in NSW I think.

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      That'd be our Baby T promo suit for Walking with Dinosaurs.
      This guy hasn't quite got the fluidity of the design down, but to be fair he's probably not quite working with the same kind of budget .

        Yeah yours is better for sure. Much more natural seeming in design and movement. Love your work!

    They could get a job at Clive Palmers robot dino park.

    Judging on how long its arms are, i would say it's an Allosaurus more than a T-Rex :3

      His head is too fat to be an allosaurus and he doesn't have the little cresty bits over his eyes.

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