Kotaku Australia's Handheld/Mobile Game Of The Year 2012

This week we'll be announcing the results of all the game of the year categories: both the reader's choice and the editor's picks. First up — the Handheld/Mobile game of the year for 2012.

Reader's Choice

Pokemon Black/White 2: 10%

A bit surprised at this, but congrats to Nintendo nonetheless. People still care about Pokemon and they voted in droves. Pokemon Black/White 2 was a clear winner.

Runners up Persona 4: Golden: 7% Rayman Jungle Run: 6%

Editor's Choice

Rayman Jungle Run

I bought Rayman Jungle Run for decoration. It was wallpaper, a new piece of furniture for my living room. Turned out that piece of furniture had the ability to run up walls, change direction, navigate complex mazes and punch bad guys in the face with tremendous velocity. I did not see that coming.

When I picked up Rayman Jungle Run I just wanted something pretty for my new Nexus 7. Something remotely HD, something I could imagine myself playing. I did not expect to play the most rewarding 'runner' I've ever had the good luck to play on a mobile platform.

Rayman Jungle Run is the game I call to mind when people start talking the talk about how people expect more from mobile gaming. But unlike other mobile titles with solid production values, Rayman Jungle Run has a control system that makes sense. It also manages to take a pretty flaccid, done-to-death genre and kickstart it with a real energy.

It would have been enough for Rayman Jungle Run to be a dull, soulless endless runner, the fact it's managed to become my favourite mobile/handheld game of 2012 almost feels miraculous.

Runner-up: Ziggurat


    Congrats Nintendo/Game Freak! I did vote for it myself but I didn't expect it to win.

    Woah! I was not expecting that, even though I voted for Pokemon myself. Good to know that people are still enjoying the series as much as I am, at least.

    Maybe the stamp on Rayman should say 'Editor's choice'?

    how on earth pokemon b/w2 was worst in the series shame on you p4 golden far far superior booooooooooo hisssss *throws rotten tomato's*!!!! :P

      Well Persona 4 Golden isn't exactly released in Australia yet which might explain its lack of votes.

      Blame Atlus's appauling publishing/localisation issues with Australia.

    Still disappointed about no nomination for Kid Icarus. That game was way better than Pokemon.

      You should have nominated it than :P

        It was nominated by at least three separate people, including myself. Somehow didn't make it through to votes though, even though my second nomination from the same post (Shinobi) did.

          I second this, as I did nominate Kid Icarus: Uprising also.

    Big fan of this Editor's Choice business, would still love to see an Editor's top 5 or so, but I'll settle for this

      Maybe for the big one I'll do a proper top 5 if I have time. Would love to spend a bit of time talking about my favourite games of the year.

    You would think that Gravity Rush wasn't released this year... /sigh. The best games always go unrewarded.

    Haha, really wished Persona 4 Golden won. Currently 100 hours in and only just finished Christmas, loved every moment of it.
    Then again, I buy Pokemon every release and I know i'll love that to death as well.

    First thing he does after announcing the winning game: diss the results. Quality journalism once again, Kotaku.

      It's Pokemon. All gamers above the age of 25 are allowed to roll our eyes about kiddies and their Pokemon in all situations. In our day, sir, we walked uphill in the snow both ways to the game shop for games featuring Iblue hedgehogs and weird kids in green caps, not... ummm... oh, darn.

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