Kotaku Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Broadband Provider

Kotaku Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Broadband Provider
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So we are kicking off the Kotaku awards for 2012 and we’re looking for nominations in different categories. Today’s category is Broadband — which is best for games? What do you use? Who or what service is the best? Let us know your nominations, we’ll create a poll for next Saturday and then we’ll announce the results.

I don’t really have any personal nominations. I use Exetel, but I’m hardly a fan.

Let us know who you think is the best Broadband provider below!


  • Exetel! I had TPG beforehand which was great but in my new place they couldn’t provide ADSL2+ for some reason. But Exetel is pretty good.

  • In terms of network Bigpond , however their tech support and customer service with offshore centres have scaled the worst simply check Telstra’s Facebook.

  • iinet, someone else mention internode but iinet owns them, so does that count as another nominationfor iinet? 😛
    All the unmetered content is great, mostly steam and xbox live stuff, but also I’ve been with them almost 4 years and I haven’t had any issues which they weren’t quick to sort out and talk me through.

  • Ive been with oodles of providers. Many contracts ended with the cheap ones with cash already been paid having to be recovered by the telecommunications ombudsman. Telstra and Internode are the only 2 that truly offer a good service, any issues have been resolved quickly as well.

  • I’m with TPG, and don’t really have problems.
    I do have major problems with my linksys router. A good day is when I can get it to moderate NAT.

  • Internode. Don’t really need unmetered Steam or ABC iView anymore, now that we have 200GB to use, but it has been a lifesaver in the past.

    The option to manage your own ADSL connection profile can’t be overlooked, either. I run at a low-latency setting that basically halves my ping within Australia. Or I can opt for another profile that bumps downloads/uploads up 20% at the cost of extra latency. The choice is mine – that’s what matters.

  • Internode! Uncapped iView and steam downloads, as well as a WoW Gateway is brilliant. They’ve also been very responsive on the few occasions I’ve had issues, and fixed the issues I spent 12 months trying to get Bigpond to fix prior to switching.

  • iinet is pretty great but I have to give my vote to the 2 person operation smelly black dog. $55 for 500gb and after 18 months of service I have had a single dropout after which they appologised profusely. Being a small company it is by far the most personal and helpful tech support (They setup my router remotely for ipv6 and the extra 5 ip addresses I got (when I decided to go with them for line rental.) Seriously, I can’t reccomend these guys enough; you can even choose telstra or tpg port for connection assuming they are available.

    Ok I better stop praising them as this is begining to sound like an advertisment more so then a reccomendation…brb with hypno toad gif.

  • eFTEL is my preferred ISP.

    Though I recently found the hotspot option of my iPhone 4 with Telstra gives me a ping of 70 for Tribes. That result blew away all my expectations.

  • iiNet.. I used to have TPG for many years and they were great for high quota for low price but sucked for gaming at least half the time, if not more.. I had a great downstream connection with TPG and for the first 2 years the connection was stable.. but things changed and it just kept getting worse.. the downstream was still great.. but the stability was a joke.. so when I moved house, I switched to iiNet.. I am still getting an awesome downstream speed but now I have the stability I always dreamed of.. plus I seem to get unmetered steam.. which I didn’t realise I would get..

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