Kotaku Awards 2012: Vote For Your Favourite Handheld/Mobile Game Of The Year

Okay you've nominated, now let's vote on this!

This is a pretty stacked poll. A lot of nominations here. It took me ages to put it together!


    Holey Moley that's a big poll.

      Tell me about it!

        Maybe next time make it so a game needs 2-3 noms before it gets polled? alot of these won't get votes.

          Says the guy who nominated like every game released this year on the console poll?


      My response was going to be "Jeebus H Crimminy", but yeah, same sentiment.

    I voted Super Hexagon for two reasons - I am hopelessly addicted and shit at it at the same time; and I sadly haven't played enough mobile games this year. :(

      Ditto to this. I think it and Ziggurat are the only two on the list I've played, but Super Hexagon has better music.

    FF: Theatrhythm all the way!
    Doubt it'll win due to not many people actually getting the chance to pick it up though :P
    Also, I hate to be that guy, but I'm genuinely troubled that AB: Star Wars has gotten so many votes so far. I got bored with it after a few levels...the gimmick wore off *really* fast.

    @markserrels - is there a way to make the results secret? Kinda ruins this kind of vote if a) we can see the winners immediately or b) can choose to distribute our votes with/against prevailing sentiment.

      It was supposed to be that way. We have a new way of doing polls this year and I messed it up.

      Fixed now. Thanks for the spot though, because I might have forgotten to check back...

    I only played one of these games and I voted for it.. not sure my vote should count... but IT DOES. hahahaha.

      I also only played one! Looks like New Super Mario Bros 2 gets my vote by default then.

    Definitely Theatrhythm FF! So fun and so addictive.

      I obviously missed something with it, becuase it seemed REALLY short... 3 songs per game + downloads... am I wrong?

        I have more fun in the challenge section, beating high scores and collecting enough rm to unlock new songs.

    I didn't think Persona 4: Golden was released here until next Feb? Obviously it can be imported, but shouldn't we stick to what is actually available over here?

    So Bard's Tale (a port of a non-2012 game) made it to the poll with one nomination, but VVVVVV (a port of a non-2012 game; 1 nomination) didn't?

    Do you hat me, Mark? :(

    It's okay, I voted for one of the other excellent games on the list.

    Super Hexagon all the way!

    Has to be Super Hexagon. An amazing game that changes with you, as it changes YOU. Amazing, and I will one day beat that pesky Hyper Hexagonest level... 43 seconds, only 17 more to go!

    Why isn't the walking dead on there for iOS yet lbp, carmageddon and bards tale are???

    Hmmmmmm sooooo many choices so much apathy...

    Last edited 03/12/12 4:11 pm

    Whoa. Hey, yeah. Shinobi 3DS made it in, but Kid Icarus didn't? Huuuge oversight, especially since that's where I was going to plant my vote.

    As much as I loved Super Hexagon, I still don't feel right about the merging of mobile and handheld together, so I want to vote KI instead.

      There was a nomination phase. You obviously didn't nominate it!

        Except I did! Along with at least two others. I was also the only one to mention Shinobi... unless it was one game per customer?


          Ooh, that's awkward... Seems that Mark has some questions to answer, then.

    Pokémon Black/White 2 definitely. Two years ago I would have said that Pokémon was getting worse with every new game, but Black & White changed that. Black became one of my favourites in the franchise, but black 2 improved on black/white's formula in so many ways that it would be plain wrong to cast my vote for anything else.


    I haven't played any of them...

      Same here. What a rubbish poll. At least nominate games that'll get votes, y'all.

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