Kotaku Awards 2012: Vote For Your Favourite PC Game Of 2012


    Far Cry 3

    Because max setting graphics stabbing machete's through rib cages was a blast

    Far Cry 3 wins my vote. Haven't got my hands on it yet, but it looks to be a very promising and fun game with lots of potential.

      Voting for a game you haven't played? Fair enough.

      Not an easy choice. I'll go Mark of the Ninja.

    No Chaos on Deponia? :(

    Far Cry is by far the best game I have played this year, on any platform. Also DayZ? Does a mod count?

    For me, it was emulating Brawl on my PC. That counts as a PC game, right?

    It should be Anna's Quest... but I'm going for X-Com.

    I don't think Mechwarrior online is eligible as it's still in Beta.

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    Voting for XCOM, only because I can't vote for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

    Not really a lot of choice here is it? It always amazes me when I realise that the games I love the most game out YEARS ago.

    I had to go dishonoured purely for the art direction. Brilliant looking game.

    Dishonored, but also Torchlight 2.

    Planetside 2, Far Cry 3 and then Dishonored... in that order.

    I concur. This was a standout game that deserves to be listed

    for some reason there is a blank space where CK II should be

    I'll go with DayZ even if it is still just a mod. Far Cry 3 gets a mention but I've not really been able to enjoy it on my more than capable PC. I've procured a 360 version to fill the void. I think I'm used to the difference in quality after a couple of hours but how I wish I could return to my DX11 1920x1080 res.

    To be fair though, I have really enjoyed The Walking Dead. That is also a definite contender. As well as ACIII for scope and detail alone.

    Hard to choose one overall. It would have to go to The Walking Dead. It tells a great story.

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