Kotaku Awards: Vote For Your Favourite Indie/Downloadable Game Of 2012

Last week you nominated, now it's time to vote on your favourite Indie/Downloadable game of 2012. This category is absolutely stacked with quality this year. Vote for your favourite and next week we'll announce the results.

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Best Handheld/Mobile Game Of 2012


    Hard one between FTL and quantum conundrum for me. I put in far more hours into FTL though.

    I like the unfinished swan too, but since it's only on PSN.... well it mean's I haven't played it yet.


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    So this category... sorta sounds like it describes mobile games?

    Heh, haven't played a single one of them. Actually I played a tiny bit of Fez after a screening of Indie Game: The Movie...

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      This is for the XBLA, PSN and non-AAA Steam titles. Well, a bit more than that but basically that style of thing.

    I can't choose between Fez, Trials and Torchlight

    Edit* went with Fez, it was amazeballs, the soundtrack was also amazeballs

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      Amen - I wish there was more, maybe an Fez 2... doesn't need an sequel but would be good to, somehow, take the game in an new direction.

    The Walking Dead for me. Fantastic story, fun point and click gameplay and was consistently entertaining throughout each episode.
    Mark of the Ninja would be my runner up. Really fun take on the stealth genre.
    Biggest disappointment would be Journey. No idea why people rave on about that game.

    toss up between FEZ and Walking dead.... But FEZ takes it, that game ruined my brain in the best way possible for days.

    Katawa Shoujo! despite its erotic elements, it a well written, heart warming masterpiece.

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    Had to vote for Trials Evolution. I've put in over 100 hours on that game and for a total spend of about $25 including DLC, its crazy good value for money. I however have a special place in my heart for Walking dead and was honestly considering voting for it. Absolutely brilliant game...

    But yeah, Trials goit it in the end.

      Fanboy gunna fan.

      On the other hand, Journey is amazing. Hands down the clear winner here :p

    It's a tough choice between The Walking Dead and FTL. I'll choose FTL for this category. It's more Indie (I know, I know, what is "Indie") for this category. TWD can get my support in the other categories.

    Holy crap it is hard to pick one here. Could easily put 5-6 in. Went with Mark of the Ninja in the end as it was the game I kept going back to over and over again.

    Wanted to vote Walking Dead, but went with Anna's Quest.

    I'd love a 3,2,1 voting system for this, it is tough to single out one game here. Went with FTL narrowly over Rock Band Blitz and Thomas Was Alone. For sheer addiction level, FTL was 'leave work early to play' level addictive, something I haven't felt in a long time. Honourable mention to Thirty Flights of Loving, hard to vote it as best game but in a 3,2,1 I think it would get a lot of smaller votes, it was so damn stylish.

    I'm still waiting to play Walking Dead, I get the feeling it would be right up there had I given it a shot yet.

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    Torchlight 2 really doesn't deserve to be on here, not that it isn't a great game, but torchlight has had enough mainstream success that I don't think it qualifies as indie

    So glad awesomenauts made it on here. That game needs more recognition.

    Mech Warrior Online is still in beta, so I'm not sure it should be here...

    the walking dead

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