Kotaku Gift Guide: TVs

Kotaku Gift Guide: TVs

I have a horrible confession to make: I am a plasma fanboy. Please take this into consideration when reading! Roughly two or three years back I did a buttload of research and decided to pick up a Panasonic G10 Plasma. Time has passed, and I’m sure LCD technology has gotten pretty ridiculous, but I can’t get past my bias! These are just a few of the choices I might make if I was to buy a new TV. Take it with a grain of salt, and kindly add your own suggestions in the comments below!

Money To Burn

Sharp Aquos LC80LE940X
This thing is massive. 80 inches to be precise. The only real issue is this: Australians are being seriously rorted on the price of this bad boy. JB Hi-Fi is currently selling the TV at $9999, in the US it retails for about half that price. The Sharp brand has undergone some serious damage as of late, but the fact is Sharp is building some of the best LED/LCD TVs on the market. If you have a ridiculous amount of money to spend, and you want something huge, might as well get this.
Price: $9999

A Man/Woman Of Moderate Tastes

Panasonic Viera TH-P65VT50A
This is the super premium Panasonic Plasma model currently available in Australia. As a fully fledged Panny fanboy, this is probably the TV I’d personally splash out on if I had the cash. In my humble opinion, Plasma still has provides the best picture overall. In terms of black, but more importantly motion. It’s tough to top Plasma as a gaming TV I reckon, and this is the best one on the market. It’s also expensive. Not $9999 expensive, but still pretty bloody expensive.
Price: $5999

The Cheaper Option

Panasonic Viera TH-P50UT50A
I think one thing that we can agree on is this: if you plan to go cheap, go plasma. I’ve already admitted my allegiance, but I think it’s safe to say that cheap LED/LCD tvs tend to struggle a bit while, on the whole, you can still pick up a really cheap plasma panel that provides a top notch picture overall. JB Hi-Fi is currently selling this model for $1191. That’s a 50 inch panel from the masters of plasma. This is a crazy steal really.
Price: $1191


  • My understanding was that LCD had a slower refresh rate, but Plasma was more likely to suffer from ‘burn in’?.. I guessed most people would not want an ammo counter in the corner when trying to watch the soccer. Anyway, My Bravia LCD has been great for the last 4 years, and I will probably go a Bravia 3D in 2013.

  • To my knowledge LCD > Plasma. I’m not sure how much Plasma tech has advanced since I last checked it out but as One_Man_Matrix states, Plasmas run the risk of burn-in. They’re also more likely to throw in the towel and pack it up as time goes on.

    On another note, I also own a Sony Bravia LCD! The quality gaming picture it produces is unrivalled. It’s also great for Football (Soccer).

    • Plasma doesn’t burn in like it used to, and if it does it’s easy to burn out again. There are advantages and disadvantages for both- mostly being that plasma has a better picture but LCD uses less power and produces less heat. These days, most people would be happy with either.

  • I own a plasma tv, a Panasonic 55″ thp55gt30a to be precise. Best tv ever made. Blacks are perfect, colours real instead of the saturation you get on most lcd leds. No screen burn in dramas on Panasonic plasma tvs at all. Perfect for everything from gaming to sports to movies.

  • In regards to the Plasma v LCD discussion I own a Panasonic Plasma and my old man owns a Sony Bravia LCD. We both enjoy watching sport but I don’t like watching it on his due to the motion blur behind the ball and players. Trust me if i had not been watching on a Plasma I probably would have not noticed it but once I have had plasma I can’t go back. Downside to plasma can it can get burn in and chews power.

  • 80″… 1 sq.mm per pixel… I’ll stick to my dinky little 42″ Bravia, thanks.

    EDIT: Wow, Bravias are popular…

  • I second the Plasma option, every console has burn in reduction, they are value for money,great blacks and smooth motion. Have an lg that cost 750 from jb hi fi 50 inch great gaming tv. I reckon projectors are pretty sweet too if you have a dark room and great for multiplayer and parties. Whatever floats your boat.when I bought the tv jb had free shipping as well Australia wide which suited me cos I was living in the desert at the time. Something to consider for country folk.

  • I prefer LEDs over plasmas, electricity bills are ridiculous these days & anything to halve the costs to keep it on is welcomed. Anti-reflective screens though are getting hard to find, at the moment I’m using a mirror-like Samsung Series 6 LCD (nearly 5 years old now) which drives me crazy during the day & requires turning the backlit option to maximum which still doesn’t totally fix the reflection issue

  • I have had a Samsung plasma. It is 6 years old now. Bear in mind that was the era when ‘plasma burn’ was really bad. In that time I have burned it about a dozen times. Usually from leaving a menu on or a game paused.
    HOWEVER, normal use will un-burn it in less than a minute. And if you burn it really bad, there are a host of built in features to get rid of it. Pixel shift, automatic dimming after a certain amount of time, and several different types of screen wiping procedures (usually a swiping white bar across the screen)
    It is still going strong, and will happily buy another plasma. It is crisp, smooth, and incredibly bright and vivid.

  • I’ve got some burn in on my plasma. Sucks but it’s getting better over time. Moral of the story? Don’t spend 90% of your time on the tv playing a game with permanent high contrast gauges like street fighter.

    It’s a 50″ panasonic viera and it’s beautiful. Even other people who own nice TVs remark on how nice it looks if I pop in a blu-ray. I’ll never regret buying it. I love it.

    But I do regret playing so much street fighter on it though. I can still JUST see the numbers for the timer when watching something panning. And this is about 18months after noticing the problem and taking steps to try and rectify it.

  • I think these days it is more of a personal choice, I recently brought an LG 55LM7600 LCD after many months of research and I was looking at both LCD and plasma. I don’t think you can really go wrong with either these days as long as you get a quality one and not a cheap, poorly made unit. I think you just need to access budget, quality and features and make an informed decision. However I don’t think I would go an 80 inch as it is simply to large to view comfortably in most living rooms

  • Thank you Mark for showing the two Panny Plasmas, among the best TV’s currently on the market. There’s a lot of noise by LCD enthusiasts and a lot of marketing dollars behind the tech, but if you want the best quality image and can take care of your TV a bit, then it’s plasma all the way.

  • Plasma doesn’t burn in as much as it used to, but if you’re after a 55″ LED dont look past the 55LM9600 made by LG, it has the black levels of a plasma with the energy usage of an LED, and we’re all gamers here so you would surely make use of the dual play!

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