Lara Croft Is A Survivor. She Can Break Open Crates Real Good

Before I commence with the piss-taking of Lara Croft breaking open crates, I want to say that I am a big fan of developer diaries like these — they provide a decent amount of information about the game as opposed to dull cinematics. I'm far more inclined to watch these things, and this new Lara Croft vid is no exception. It's interesting and gives real insight into how certain mechanics work.

But crates? Crates? Really? I'm hoping there's a good reason why there seems to be a massive amount of crates conveniently dotted around the island.

Also — on another note — is it just me or does the voice-over guy in this video sound like he's an Englishman putting on an American accent? Am I going crazy?


    It looks really good. I was really apprehensive of this reboot but this turned me around.

    It doesn't sound like a pom being a yank to me though.

    As for the crates, yeah I know what you mean. Remember though it only has to make sense in the game world for it to maintain suspension of disbelief. Realistic and real life logic realistic are two different things. Also if you look too far into any movie or game you will just rip yourself off of the fun so maybe just go with it?

    I preordered on PC, god I hope it is not a crappy port. Alot of devs have been making there PC version very very solid (ie Borderlands 2, FarCry 3, Sleeping Dogs etc etc) so I hope these guys don't misstep.

      some have, some certainly have not (ghost recon future soldier, dark souls etc) so its still a 50/50 split

    I wish the developers had decided to release this for the Wii-U as well, not every game needs to incorporate special gamepad functions. Ah well, I still get to play it on PC.

    A lot of Far Cry 3 in there.

      It would likely be unintentional seems Far Cry 3 is only been out weeks.

    Whoa, didn't know the game looked this interesting. I thought the game would suffer from Uncharterdfication, but it seems to have some unique things running for it. March will be a busy gaming month for me :)

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