Learn Loads Of Stuff About Gabe Newell In Under A Minute

Have you ever turned on your internet machine and said, 'boy I wish someone would produce a bite-sized one minute video that explained to me precisely who Gabe Newell is, his history, and his accomplishments'? I know I have.

Maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but it doesn't mean this video is any less well-produced, or any less interesting.

LORE is a quirky little YouTube series that takes video game subjects and transforms them into easily digestible clips that explain mostly everything you need to know about a person or topic. It's smart, funny, and very cool indeed. I've only just discovered the series, but apparently there is a big backlog of these vids, and a new one is released each week. It's like Cliff Notes for video games.

LORE teaches us about Gabe Newell's past in a little over a minute [Polygon]


    Logan beat you to it the other day.

    Geez, you can follow the leech trail on this one....

    Kotaku cites Polygon as the source, who cites Joystick, who cites gameinformer who cites the youtube channel......

    The first thing that comes to mind is the human centipede......

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